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Rating: NNNNNnext to porn, there's nothing the Net loves more than a good conspiracy. So as soon as word broke.

Rating: NNNNN

next to porn, there’s nothing the Net loves more than a good conspiracy. So as soon as word broke that the FBI (un)intentionally withheld a Ryder truckful of documents on the Oklahoma City bombing, bizarre theories and elaborate plots regarding Timothy McVeigh, John Doe Number 2 and the evil government foe began to clog up Web sites and chat rooms.

Not since their terror over the Millennium Bug have Internet users been so caught up in exposing the “truth.” Unfortunately, that truth is usually not much more than a few far-fetched ideas about patriotism and the man, but it still makes for a good read.

The issue has also spawned a few games — this is the Internet, after all. Here are some of the best reads.

Your first place for conspiracy theories. The site’s Sinister Connections page takes a humorous approach to paranoia by offering links to some of the weirdest readings on the Web.

Apocalypse and Millennium Watcher

Considerably more serious is the Apocalypse and Millennium Watcher site, which provides the “real” dirt on every major event in history, from the origins of the Masons and the Columbine massacre to the truth about NASA’s space missions. The site is also selling land in Montana.

Wake Up America

Your “alternative news source,” covering the far-out stories and hysterical, paranoid rants that most self-respecting newspapers wouldn’t even acknowledge. Go straight to the section called Exposed.

Create your own conspiracy by plugging words and phrases into the conspiracy generator. The truth, or at least some horribly mangled version of it, is revealed!


For those looking for serious information on capital punishment, the Death Penalty Information Center offers news and arguments from both sides of the debate.

Essentially, off-track betting on condemned inmates. You pick a team of death row prisoners and earn points if they’re pardoned, get clemency or a stay of execution or even “beseech god’s mercy.” Prizes include a video taped episode of Family Ties on it.

Mouth Full Of Liquor.Com

A kind of last-meal lotto. Guess Timothy McVeigh’s last meal and you win a T-shirt.

Wake Up America

Mouth Full Of Liquor.Com

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