An ugly morning

Touring Japan and drinking Moet with Woodhands

Daniel Werb of Woodhands tours Japan and blogs for NOW.

Um….WTF? Where is my body? Oh shit. Right. It’s that thing screaming at me right now.


OK, so I remember the show…(check last post)…and I remember the bowl of ramen we chowed across the street from the venue (Paul got stuck with a fish-based soup stock but mine was the best I’ve ever tasted – spicy!)…And then it was time for some fan photos…


And then I remember hanging out at this place underneath a giant shark head with some drunk Canadian music industry types…


Then we stepped outside of the shark head place and the dapper gentlemen from Polaris Prize-winning Patrick Watson joined us. I forgave them for stealing our award and we moved on, but they tried to bite my face first.


And then it was down an alley and another alley and another alley until we got to Club Velours and the rest of the night is a blur of alcohol, hip hop, huge dudes in back rooms, tiny girls looking as glossy as anime characters, and everything feeling very, very Tokyo all of a sudden. And very rap video. Dudes, we even somehow found ourselves drinking a bottle of Moet. Who the fuck do we think we are? Clearly, we think we’re a band that can afford something like that. Frankly, we can’t. I wish I had listened to fiscal Werb instead of drunk Werb.


The whole night really was a blur and we stumbled out of Club Velours way too early/late. This is kind of how it felt:


(Owning the scene. Underneath these massive chandeliers were glass backlit floors.)


Patrick Watson rocking the ‘Reserved’ sign like a true gangster.


Your bros, up too late.

(Thank god for Japanese toilet technology. Last night both a bidet and a DJ saved my life.)


Today is a complete write off. But tonight we get to hear the Trews and the Russian Futurists play in what I’ve heard is one of the nicest venues in Tokyo: The Canadian Embassy.


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