Best new Toronto music of the week: Stefana Fratila, Azari and Prince Innocence

A roundup of our favourite local songs and videos of the week, including the premiere of Stefana Fratila's Knowing music video

Stefana Fratila: Knowing

Today we premiere the video for Stefana Fratila’s Knowing, the B-side to her Swallowed Seeds single, released via Bedroomer late last month. The Romania-born, Toronto-based artist directed the vid, which expertly complements the song’s sense of isolation by fixating on Fratila and carefully zooming out to show just how alone that “knowing” realization has made her feel.

AZARI: Gotasoul

It’s been some time since house phenoms Azari & III first made waves with their self-titled album and the singles that followed, but since disbanding in 2013, its founding members have remained fairly active. Dinamo Azari returns with Gotasoul, the first new song under the Azari name (he released a solo album in 2016 as Dinamo Azari), and also perhaps the closest he’s come to recapturing the accessibility of the original Azari & III tracks. The gripping refrain, sung by Toronto’s James Baley, is a positive affirmation fuelled by underground house. The corresponding cyberpunk video, directed by Arca collaborator James Moore, mirrors the song’s narrative of personal discovery.

Prince Innocence feat. Harrison: 999

Earlier this week, synthpop duo Prince Innocence shared the video for their song 999, which debuted back in April. Talvi Faustmann’s blissful vocals are balanced by a set of warm keys, giving the song a sense of plaintive intimacy. The video, directed by Faustmann, hones in on that intimate vibe with moving, wistful portraits of its subjects.

Also out this week (but not on Spotify) is Most Of My Friends Died In Space, hardcore outfit Piper Maru’s first ever EP. They’re slated to play New Friends Fest this weekend.


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