Beyonce blows it

Beyonce: from all-American singer to celebrity-for-hire

Some of the all-American sheen Beyonce surely must be tarnished after news she performed a private New Year’s party in St. Barth for a shady character named Motassim Bilal (Hannibal) Gaddafi, son of Libyan dictator and long-standing U.S. nemesis Moammar Gaddafi.

Mediaite sniffed out the story first then Newscorp daily the New York Post picked it up in their popular Page Six section, giving some background on Hannibal and his ugly history of violence towards women, including a very recent arrest in London where he allegedly attacked his wife, who was reportedly hospitalized with facial wounds.

How could be Beyonce be so unscrupulous about who she performs for privately?

We’ll assume the reported $2-million paycheque made the decision a relatively easy one.

To put the obscene nature of this gig into perspective, consider Beyonce performed five whole songs at the no-chance-in-hell-of-ever-getting-in nightclub Nikki Beach. So that’s about $400,000 per song to entertain Hannibal, his homies and a guestlist full of other celebrities-for-hire.

Just more money to throw on the pile for Beyonce and her human cash-vacuum boyfriend husband Jay-Z, who took the gig last year with the increasingly-desperate Mariah Carey.

With the amount of success Beyonce and Jay-Z had in 2009 – both with impressive record sales and concert revenues at a time when the music industry, among many others, slumps along – you wonder if it ever occurs to them to maybe give something back to people who put them where they are.

Probably not, because they obviously feel entitled to the private jet set lifestyle and something like a free show for fans on New Year’s doesn’t support that. Being in the pocket of a disgustingly-rich guy named Hannibal, with a questionable background to say the least, apparently does.

This must be Jay-Z’s so called Empire State of Mind. Take as much as you can, stay among the elite, because he who dies with the most cash wins. Just like the unconscionable greed we see from Wall Street. Except we hold artists to higher standards than bankers. They’re supposed to be beholden to their fans, not dictator sons accused of beating on women.[rssbreak]

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