Bulkhead premiere Route Sixteen, a prime bit of new Toronto techno

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What do you get when you put together three electronic artists from Toronto’s dark-techno-loving electronic underground? You get Bulkhead’s new single Route Sixteen, a hard-edged, EBM-leaning analogue electronic song that skirts industrial, EBM, techno and post-punk. Or as they call it, slambient. That song is debuting below, and will appear on Bulkhead’s second release Aft Pressure on 2MR Records, an imprint of Captured Tracks. 

Bulkhead is the duo of Pop District and Patrik Benjamin – both solo artists in their own right – who together create analogue electronic music that combines extreme warmth and extreme cold. Route Sixteen also unites them with Joel Eel, one of the founders of Forth, a collective that eats these kinds of dark-synth pop sounds for breakfast, lunch and dinner. His gothy vocals (which would sound at home on an 80s Nine Inch Nails album) perfectly fit the propulsive synth meal plan.  

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