Musicians will now get paid royalties for livestream concerts

Canadian music rights management organization SOCAN has started a program to pay musicians for shows on Facebook and Instagram

Before COVID-19, Canadian music rights management foundation SOCAN collected royalties for live performances by its musician members. Now, virtually all concerts are happening online and SOCAN has pivoted to make sure members are getting paid for those, too. 

Today, the organization launched the Encore! program, which is offering payment for concerts that happen on Facebook or Instagram. They’re offering $200,000 total per quarter for the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown in Canada. Each concert is eligible for up to $150, payable to all of the performed music’s rights holders: songwriters, composers, publishers and other artists

In order to qualify, the livestream shows must be at least 30 minutes or 10 songs long, must be watched by at least 100 people total (at any time during the event) and setlists have to be sent to SOCAN. 

Right now Facebook and Instagram (which Facebook owns) are eligible for the program, but SOCAN says it’s adding more online platforms and encourages members to send setlists anyway. If you’re a musician or are involved in music, you can apply for membership and for the program at SOCAN’s website. And check out the full eligibility requirements here.


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