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Lioness head back into the studio after getting sidetracked by videos and tours

LIONESS at the Horseshoe (370 Queen West), Saturday (January 30). $8. 416-598-4226.

When Vanessa Fischer, Jeff Scheven and Ronnie Morris started Lioness, they opted for a minimalist lineup – drums, bass and vocals – to streamline the business of running a band.


By augmenting acoustic drums with electronic triggers and using organ foot pedals to control synthesizers, they discovered that they could make as much or more noise as a traditional guitar band. But the approach created some unintended side effects for the dance-rock trio.

“We forgot that this gear is really heavy and that we have fewer people in the band to carry it,” Morris complains over beers.

“On the bright side, after playing a tour, we’re totally ripped,” Scheven says, laughing.

“After the last one, I couldn’t fit into any of my shirts any more,” Morris boasts.

The trio made a splash with their self-titled 2008 EP, which is garnering attention again thanks to the band’s creepy new music video for What You Do (Will Come Back To You). Capitalizing on Scheven’s day job as a director and Fischer’s gig as a costume designer, they’ve made it look way more pro than the typical indie clip.

Still, they’d like to get back to focusing on their in-progress full-length, even if the current state of the music industry no longer favours that format.

“It’s definitely a money thing,” admits Scheven about the album’s delay. “We actually just finished making the last $200 payment on the EP.”

“As far as digital sales go, I guess we’re doing all right, but it’s so easy to find our stuff for free.”

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