Kid. Studio’s Christo Anesti and CO.LAB are giving Toronto creatives a chance to shine

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Since starting Kid. Studio in 2013, the creative house has been responsible for eye-catching visuals for homegrown rap and R&B talent including The Weeknd, Majid Jordan and NAV, as well as international stars such as Big Sean, Future and French Montana. Their work has been recognized by MTV and the Prism Prize, and they’ve been featured in a variety of media.

One of the main creatives behind the camera has been director Christo Anesti, who has been spotlighting voices and perspectives that don’t get enough attention.

“When I joined Kid. Studio, my goal was to create work that inspired kids like us: kids who felt a little crazy or like they didn’t belong, kids who were inspired by the same weird things that we were, kids who felt they weren’t yet represented in our city,” says Christo. “We were so tired of seeing Canadian creative and being able to tell it was Canadian the second we looked at it. We wanted to change the way people outside of our city and country viewed the work that we do, and elevate creative standards.”

This outlook makes him the perfect choice to team up with CO.LAB.

The CO.LAB is a creative collective that engages with like-minded individuals, driving collaboration among local creatives to elevate their vision and craft. The collective is dedicated to building a platform for similar creatives to exchange ideas and skills, and create

original work with local artists across Canada. Christo was introduced to CO.LAB through a friend, and he was tasked with creating the video that embodied the ideas of the brand’s manifesto — creativity, individuality, inclusivity, new ideas and breaking boundaries.


The result is a completely out-of-the-box look at the daily lives of creatives and the unlikely places where their inspiration might strike — whether that be while taking a bath, eating dim sum with their friends or at a basement party in the suburbs.

“They were all people from my life who inspire me on a daily basis. It felt like the perfect opportunity to showcase them,” Christo explains. “Instead of casting a bunch of random people who aren’t nearly as talented or beautiful, I decided to use this as an opportunity to create my own visual time capsule of my favourite friends and peers.”

Christo shares his words of wisdom for young Toronto creatives: “Live your life. Your work will suffer if you lock yourself in a room and don’t experience things or meet new people. If you have nothing to say, why is anyone going to listen?”


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