Mullet Mania

Victoria's Hanson Brothers score with heavy-hitting rock 'n' roll

THE HANSON BROTHERS with the Shitties and the Screamin’ Demons at the Horseshoe, March 15. Tickets: $8. Attendance: 250. Rating: NNN

Rating: NNN

the hockey fans who arrived atthe Horseshoe early for the first of two puck rock exhibitions by the Hanson Brothers were penalized with 45 minutes of the Screamin’ Demons’ jock-baiting shenanigans.It started off in fairly unspectacular fashion with the heavily made up Demons in matching black-shirt-and- white-tie ensembles — like they couldn’t decide whether they wanted to be the Misfits or the Knack — bashing away with their generic punk and roll to zero audience response.

Obviously unnerved by the negligible reaction, the Demons concluded that shouting insults would be a better way to get a rise out of the crowd. It didn’t work, and they skulked quietly away, fortunate that none of the bruisers present took the table-top confrontation seriously.

Judging by the old-school hockey jerseys, mullets and taped eyewear on display, it was clearly a Hanson Brothers crowd, and the Victoria crew, who masquerade as NoMeansNo, knew it.

“After all those medals, I think it’s safe to say this is our game,” boasted Johnny Hanson, sporting Victoria Cougars colours. That was his introduction to what he called “our national anthem,” which everyone recognized as Stompin’ Tom Connors’s The Hockey Song and went apeshit over.

The bouncing and slamming picked up as the Hansons roared through the rink-righteous jams from their new My Game (Mint) disc. Even though it’s just been released, many people seemed to know the lyrics better than brother Tommy, who just rocked back and forth with his signature gob-blob hanging off his bottom lip for the entire show. How does he do that?

Nothing revolutionary from the icemen cometh, but it’s good to see that the greying Hansons are keeping their puck rock fast and hard-hitting, just like the old-time hockey they love.

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