Kia Canada hosts first-ever concert powered by an innovative electric vehicle, the EV6

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While the feeling of going to a live show is unparalleled, concerts require an absurd amount of energy to feed the speakers. When it was time for Kia to showcase its brand new electric vehicle, the automaker undertook a unique challenge: powering an electric guitar for an entire pop/rock performance with the EV6, its first dedicated battery electric vehicle.

The Kia Electric Sound Event, with focus on amplifying Kia’s new branding, took place on July 27 and featured an electrifying performance by Fefe Dobson – in more ways than one. The multi-platinum Canadian singer, songwriter, recording artist and actor, alongside her guitarist Ryan Chalmers, leveraged the unique ability of EV6 to power external electrical products and plugged into the Kia EV6 to play her greatest hits and latest single to a crowd of in-person and virtual concertgoers.

Dobson is gearing up for a major return to music this summer with her new song, which blends her rock-driven pop sound with a shot of adrenaline. The concert, powered by the Kia EV6, took place outside the Glass House at the Kortright Centre for Conservation in Ontario. 

Like Kia, the event venue places a huge focus on sustainability and land protection, aligning with Kia’s Plan S strategy. The Kortright Centre for Conservation also embodies Kia’s “Opposites United” design philosophy that draws upon the invaluable relationship between nature and humanity.

In order to protect the vulnerable environment and its natural resources, Kia has developed several sustainability efforts. Kia’s innovative Plan S strategy, announced in 2020, seeks to move the automotive company away from its traditional manufacturing-driven business model. Instead, the company’s new brand identity looks to enable the movement of people in a way that is sustainable and inspiring. 

In Canada, the transportation sector accounts for a quarter of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. This is why all gas- and diesel-fueled vehicles will be phased out by the year 2035 as part of a Federal Government initiative.

To further demonstrate Kia’s pledge to going green, the company has removed “Motors” from its name. By creating innovative mobility products and services to improve customers’ daily lives, Kia will be expanding and emerging into other business areas. 

Its new slogan, “Movement that inspires,” underscores that moving around enables people to discover new places, connect with others and have new experiences, which are in turn the source of inspiration. The Canadian company is committed to introducing seven plug-in hybrid or dedicated electric models by 2025. 

Not only are hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles effective in reducing carbon emissions but they also cost much less when it comes to fuel and don’t considerably contribute to air pollution. 

Kia currently offers the Soul EV and Niro EV as electric vehicles and will have the Sorento PHEV and HEV coming soon. The brand new EV6 will be available in Canada early 2022.

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