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Ebru Yildiz

“It’s finally starting to feel like, instead of telling promoters and spaces what to do, we can finally give women of colour, queer women, trans women, non-binary women a platform that will slowly change that dynamic." more

Mar 27, 2017 1:34 PM Features

The British duo are embarking on their first-ever North American tour more

Mar 24, 2017 12:19 PM Features

Lucy DeCoutere

Riley Smith

So we arranged a conversation between the creators and Ghomeshi complainant Lucy DeCoutere to talk about it more

Mar 22, 2017 5:39 PM Features 7 Comments

Owner Doug Putnam is banking on a higher demand for vinyl in the suburbs than in the urban core more

Mar 22, 2017 12:31 PM Features 1 Comments

Witch Prophet


The on-the-rise singer/songwriter also has a full-length album on the way more

Mar 21, 2017 1:53 PM Features

Dream Wife

Mar Sellars

Lots of factors – the travel ban, the weak Canadian dollar and British pound, the language in SXSW contracts – made for a different festival experience this year more

Mar 21, 2017 12:35 PM Features

The concept extends to his new solo album, Impermanence – and to the house concert he's bringing to Toronto on Saturday more

Mar 16, 2017 3:44 PM Features

Yannick Anton


Ahead of their eighth anniversary event, we spoke to the “straight guy from Mississauga” about becoming the official photog for one of T.O.’s wildest queer parties more

Mar 14, 2017 4:28 PM Features

The Toronto group's ringleader, Tim McCready, on the dos and don'ts of live-band karaoke more

Mar 13, 2017 5:33 PM Features


Sarah Greene

The 40,000-square Rec Room in Roundhouse Park will host live music (among other events) in a theatre-style venue more

Mar 10, 2017 6:24 PM Features

A government crackdown on online-concert-ticket resales only scratches the surface more

Mar 9, 2017 3:55 PM Features

Monica Pearce


Ahead of Plumes' show at the Music Gallery, local composer Monica Pearce discusses translating Grimes's Visions for an acoustic ensemble, and gender equity in Toronto’s classical scene more

Mar 7, 2017 4:16 PM Features


Silvia Cincotta

With entries from DANA, Triples, Teddy Fantum, Faiza and more more

Mar 6, 2017 3:19 PM Features

Jens Lekman.jpg

Carlos Molina Barriga

And judging by how quickly the Swedish musician's show at the Great Hall sold out, the feeling is mutual more

Mar 3, 2017 1:53 PM Features


Amanda Fotes

We were there to see the Highest Order kick off a series of goodbye events to the Toronto live music institution more

Mar 1, 2017 7:00 PM Features


Michael Blann Getty Images

To help build safe, inclusive communities around live music, we need to rethink its reliance on alcohol more

Mar 1, 2017 7:00 PM Features 4 Comments

The local band's new album is a modern meditation on being anxious, broke or otherwise fucked with more

Mar 1, 2017 4:13 PM Features

Rock Camp Ladies Room.jpg

Connie Tsang

What I learned from attending the youth-focused music retreat's special edition for adult musicians-to-be more

Feb 24, 2017 1:40 PM Features

The Chicago rapper weighs in on her move from spoken word to hip-hop, and from feeling like an outsider to being the spotlight thanks to Chance the Rapper collabs more

Feb 22, 2017 5:16 PM Features

The Los Angeles jazz-fusion bassist on the relationship between music and alcohol, the greatness of Gino Vannelli and why you should eat on the toilet more

Feb 21, 2017 3:16 PM Features