Foxfire Forest

Canadian Music Week : Friday 7

Rating: NNNNN

Foxfire Forest

at the Dakota (249 Ossington), Friday (March 7), 1 am.

Who: Toronto-based Foxfire Forest (soon to be just Foxfire) are a sprawling, seven-person indie-funk orchestra that sound kind of like Talking Heads covering P-Funk.

Why: The exuberant, young band have been rapidly evolving and fine tuning their sound over the past year, settling into a consistent lineup and trading some of their more indie-pop sensibilities for quirky cosmic-soul tendencies. Joyful, over-the-top and musically ambitious weirdness.


Buzz Factor: They’re going to start playing some more out-of-town shows this spring, which should help spread the word, as the extravagant live experience is where they really shine. They’re also going back into the studio to try to capture the new directions they’ve been channelling from the interplanetary transmissions that are currently guiding the indie rock big band’s explorations.

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