Good to Go

OK GO at Lee’s Palace (529 Bloor West), Monday (February 10). $10. 416-532-1598. Rating: NNNNN

chicago-based ok go’s damian Kulash has had enough of whiny white males.”I’m sick of the white man,” says the vocalist and guitarist, adding that most artists whine about things that are completely irrelevant to their lives.

“Their anger just isn’t believable. I believe the anger of Fugazi, but what most people complain about in their bands doesn’t make much sense at all.”

Kulash’s rant continues to a Brunswick House that’s empty except for me and Tim Nordwind, the band’s bass player, both of us listening closely.

None of it’s all that surprising, since OK Go and their Cars-inspired music aren’t known for their gravity.

Their clap-happy songs, riding on a bed of synthesizers, get delivered by gang sing-along choruses.

Nordwind complains that just because they don’t take themselves too seriously, critics think the whole thing must be a joke. Throughout the interview they fire off sarcastic one-liners, but the thing they’re serious about is music, even if the music itself is light.

“If you’re not complaining or moaning, then you’re not making serious music,” complains Kulash. “The music’s got emotion, and emotion-driven music shouldn’t be confused with formulaic music.”

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