Jered Gummere

of the Ponys

Jered Gummere of the Ponys who tear up Lee’s Palace tonight (Thursday, March 29)

Rating: NNNNN

What’s the best rumour you’ve ever heard about yourself? That I’m a Scientologist.

What was your strangest experience onstage? We played a show in Paris once where the microphones shocked me so badly I could feel the electricity grounding out in the fillings of my teeth.

If you’d never gotten involved in writing and playing music, how would you be making a living today? I always wanted to have a diner, one of those places where the same people eat there every day and everyone just shoots the shit. Or maybe a game show producer.

What currently popular song do you never want to hear again? That fucking You’re Beautiful song by James Blunt. Why? Cuz it fucking sucks!

What song do you wish you’d written and why? That fucking You’re Beautiful song by James Blunt, cuz then I’d be rich.

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