Luminato brings back Unsound for Halloween

The electronic music event moves to Sony Centre and will feature the Stranger Things soundtrack composers, Jlin, Ksieyzc, and a live performance of Mica Levi's Under The Skin score

Luminato brought Poland’s immersive music festival to Toronto in two summers ago and introduced the city to the possibility of the decommissioned Hearn Generating Station being used as a venue.

With experiments like Tim Hecker’s scent-incorporating composition in 2015 and the massive, roof-rumbling drones of Sunn O))) in 2016, the potential of the cavernous industrial space as an art hub was ostensibly unlocked. 

Then, last summer, Unsound was absent from the arts festival’s lineup and it seemed like yet another exciting event lost to this summer’s festival drought. In an interview with NOW, new artistic director, Josephine Ridge, assured us Unsound would be back in a new format. “It is a project we’re working to bring back to Toronto in a new way and we’ll share more details as soon as we’re able,” she said. 

Now, she has made good on that promise. Unsound will return for two nights at the Sony Centre book-ending Halloween: October 27 and November 3. Though the seated venue has a very different vibe from the Hearn, both shows will aim to capture the interdisciplinary ethos of Unsound – not to mention its underlying eeriness. 

To make the events happen, Luminato has teamed up with Civic Theatres Toronto, the company that oversees The Sony Centre, The St. Lawrence Centre, and The Toronto Centre for the Arts.

On October 27, a performance dubbed Halloween High will feature a collaboration between electronic artist Jlin (one of the highlights of 2016) and UK choreographer Wayne McGregor called Autobiography Edits. After that, there will be a screening of Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin featuring a live performance of Mica Levi’s unsettling soundtrack for the 2013 sci-fi/horror film by the Unsound Toronto Ensemble. 

On November 3, Halloween Hangover presents Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (of the band S U R V I V E) playing sections of their John Carpenter-reminiscent synth score from Stranger Things (which by then will have released its second season on Netflix). Also on the bill are Wolfgang Voigt’s GAS and the Polish cult band Księzyc.

At Sony Centre (1 Front East), October 27 & November 3, 8 pm. $35-$136.

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