Made In Sauga label launches with Lincoln’s Closure video

The sleek and soulful new soul-searching R&B video is a strong foot forward for the label, which aims to support and highlight musicians from Mississauga

Toronto is becoming synonymous on the world stage with hip-hop, R&B and soul, but as those who live here know, “Toronto” doesn’t always mean “downtown Toronto.” Much of our talent hails from spots like Brampton, Scarborough and Mississauga. 

The latter is the inspiration behind a new record label, Made in Sauga. Launching with the new single Closure by Juno-nominated rapper/singer/label founder Lincoln, whose video we’re premiering below, the label aims to support artists from Mississauga without forcing them to go downtown to do so. Given the list of musicians from there – Wondagurl, Rich Kidd, John River and Junia-T, to name a few – it makes sense to meet them where they live. 

“Growing up in ’Sauga, the only real incubator system was the [Toronto-based] Remix Project, which focused heavily on level setting the playing field for young creatives from disadvantaged, marginalized or underserved communities,” says Lincoln (aka Lincoln L.A.B. Blache). 

“Having to constantly travel downtown proved a big challenge as I’d rely on the public transportation system. Seeing as I was a high school student at the time, this meant taking three buses and a subway to and from.”

The label is an extension of Black Box Recordings, which, whether you know it or not, has been based in Mississauga for over a decade. After Lincoln, the label will put out new music from R&B singer/songwriters Emma Lokai and Devaney, as well as The Allies. Working with them is a collective of creatives including Customatic (creative director), Russell “Chuck” Morgan (director of A&R/production, designer) and Karl Campbell (head of lifestyle x development).

“Made in Sauga aims to aid the next Wondagurl, Pops or PartyNextDoor of the future, with a platform to have their music curated locally and delivered internationally,” says Blache.

Lincoln’s Closure video is a moody and minimalist collection of close-ups that perfectly fits the sleek, soulful vibe of the soul-searching R&B breakup song. It’s a strong first impression. And if you watch til the end, you’ll see the credits proudly announce with a barcode logo that the video, and the label, were made in Sauga. | @trapunski

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