Former Jazz.FM host Mark Wigmore launches Art At The End Of The World

The new long-form podcast will discuss a shifting arts landscape with guests like Karen Robinson, Cameron Bailey, Chris Locke and Jordan Officer

Former Jazz.FM91 host and senior arts editor Mark Wigmore is launching a new long-form podcast, Art At The End Of The World, continuing the conversations he once held on shows like Arts Toronto and Take Five.

Wigmore, a long-time broadcaster who also covered the arts scene at CBC Radio and News Talk 1010, was one among many who had been let go during Jazz.FM91’s abrupt restructuring. Recently his former colleagues Dani Elwell, Garvia Bailey and Heather Bambrick launched their own online radio station, JAZZCAST.

Shifting terrain will be a running theme on Wigmore’s 10-part podcast, where guests like guitarist Jordan Officer, comedian Chis Locke, actress Karen Robinson and TIFF co-head Cameron Bailey discuss how they cope with tipping points in politics, culture and media consumption.

“I want to continue to speak with compelling personalities and influential artists about their life experiences,” says Wigmore in an email to NOW. “But [I’m also] looking to go a little deeper on issues facing our world right now: the fracturing media landscape, the #MeToo movement, identity politics, racism and xenophobia, social media echo chambers. Artists and cultural thinkers help us reflect on, and interpret the world around us, and I am taking some time during these interviews to delve into these issues.”

The podcast is also Wigmore’s way to help stymie the deflation in local arts coverage.

“When I talk to media relations managers, artists and arts organization leaders, specifically in Toronto, I hear how difficult it is for them to get their events and stories covered by major media organizations,” says Wigmore. “When I was suddenly no longer available to do radio interviews last summer, that created an even smaller window of opportunity.

“I was surprised when dozens of radio listeners, fellow journalists, arts organizations and artists wrote to me in hopes that I would continue to do the type of work I was doing at Jazz.FM.”

Art At The End Of The World launches January 28 and will be available on Stitcher, SoundCloud, iTunes and

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