My week in the clubs

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Fri, Feb 8

Walking west

Started off at the Beaver for the No TO party, which was also Will Munro’s pre-birthday celebration. Originally, this night was more about post-punk and death disco sounds, but over the years it’s become much more open-format. Not sure how Lola by the Kinks fits into that mandate, but then again, why the hell not?

Strolled over to Ossington next to check out Big Jimmy Mills‘s new weekly party at Baby Huey, called True Blue Fridays. In the interest of journalistic integrity, many years ago I did a weekly open-format party with him, but he’d spent a few years out west, so it was quite some time since I’d heard him. Still eclectic, bouncing from funk to rock to hiphop to whatever. Not much room to dance, but people do anyway.

Sat, Feb 9

3-D Proof

The More Proof parties at the Drake are getting bigger and bigger and may even be outgrowing the venue. This was illustrated by the chaos in the stairwell leading to the basement, where partiers who’d gone to the bathroom weren’t being allowed back in until others left to make room. Much yelling and pushing ensued, and briefly it looked like the crowd might just bum-rush the bouncer. Of course, we approve of following capacity regulations, since tragedies in recent years have resulted from overcrowding, but security needs to find a better way to deal with the crowds at these all-access events at the Drake.

Once inside, we were greeted by nifty 3-D projections on the walls (glasses were provided to those who wanted them). The sprawling More Proof crew were joined by Vancouver’s Felix Cartal, who’s been making waves lately in indie dance circles with his take on that dirty distorted club shit that’s packing dance floors everywhere. Unfortunately, he didn’t take the stage until around 1:30 am, which meant there wasn’t much time to take in his vibe before moving on.

The atmosphere was intense and wild, though, for the short portion we managed to catch, so next time let’s hope he’ll get down to business a bit earlier.

Treat me good

Made it to Footwork for the tail end of the Treatment party, where Baby Joel (who’s also one of the owners) was laying down some big, chunky house music. This was a masquerade party, and lots of people wore costumes and masks. The club wasn’t as packed as it often is for international DJs, but the vibe was still good, and the decorations and costumed dancers were entertaining.


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