PUP to bring Morbid Stuff “Tour-Pocalypse” to Danforth Music Hall

The band's hometown show leads this week's list of just announced Toronto concerts. Also: Mac DeMarco, The Who, Bryan Ferry, Ex Hex, Priests and more

Local no-longer-underdogs PUP are back with their first album since their meteoric rise around their last one, The Dream Is Over, in 2016 – and like last time, it’ll put them back on the road for what feels like eons. Amidst their many European and American tour dates, though, there’s a hometown show: June 7 at Danforth Music Hall.

The four-piece rock band’s new album, titled (with a trademark affected shrug) Morbid Stuff, mixes heavy topics with driving, fist-pumping pop-punk shoutalongs. It also has some lighter touches. It comes out April 5 on the band’s own newly formed label, Little Dipper, in partnership with Universal. 

Singer Stefan Babcock says in a press release that the album is about his own battle with depression and how he learned to laugh about it. Just-released lead single Kids is both nihilistic and romantic, its lyrical message “I don’t care about nothing but you” pretty much summing up the band in one line. 

By the time they hit the Danforth Music Hall with openers Diet Cig, PUP will be back to their old road-tested (and maybe worn) selves – and that’s the way it should be. 

June 7 at Danforth Music Hall (147 Danforth). Doors 7 pm, all ages. $20-$30. On sale Friday (January 18). ticketmaster.ca.

More Just Announced Toronto Concerts

Sleepless Nights, Lenny Bull, Fern Tips at The Garrison doors 9 pm. $10 at door. January 25.

Boosie Fade 32 at The Baby G doors 10 pm. $10 at door. January 25.

Space Chums, The Freckles at The Baby G doors 2 pm. $10 at door. January 26.

Zinnia, Julie Arsenault, Illyin Pipes at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $10. eventbrite.ca. February 7.

Helena Hauff at Velvet Underground doors 10 pm. $20. ticketweb.ca. February 8.

DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Scratch, DJ Illo, Vinyl Ritchie at Velvet Underground doors 10 pm. $15. ticketweb.com. February 9.  

Antibalas at Horseshoe doors 8 pm. $25. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. February 17.

Jade Novah at Drake Hotel doors 7 pm. $17. ticketmaster.ca. February 24.

Jay Critch at RADIO doors 8 pm. $20. ticketweb.ca. February 27.

Bali Baby at Hard Luck Bar doors 7 pm. $15. ticketweb.ca. February 27.

ROTEM at Horseshoe doors 7:30pm. $10.50.  rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. March 3.

Hannah Georgas, Rae Spoon, Donovan Woods, Terra Lightfoot, The Weather Station at Lula Lounge 8 pm. $29.50. masseyhall.com. March 7.

Shiba San, Tim Baresko at CODA doors 10 pm. $25 at door. codatoronto.electrostub.com. March 15.

DJ Boring at Velvet Underground doors 10 pm. $15. ticketweb.ca. March 15.

Children of Bodom, Swallow the Sun, Wolfheart at Phoenix Concert Theatre doors 7 pm. $37.50-$47.50. On sale January 18. ticketfly.com, March 16.

Mustard Plug at Horseshoe doors 8:30 pm. $15. On sale January 18. ticketfly.com. March 21.

Sticky Fingers at Phoenix Concert Theatre doors 7 pm. $32.50. ticketmaster.ca. March 22.

The Wooden Sky at Lee’s Palace doors 8:30 pm. $16.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. March 22.

Ibibio Sound Machine at Mod Club doors 7 pm. $35. ticketmaster.ca. March 23. 

Billy Idol & Steve Stevens at Queen Elizabeth Theatre $TBA. On sale January 18. ticketmaster.ca. March 25.

Yob, Voivod, Amenra at Phoenix Concert Hall doors 8 pm. $28. ticketfly.com. March 30. 

Mortiis at Velvet Underground doors 7 pm. $23.50. ticketfly.com. April 1. 

Blac Rabbit at The Drake Hotel doors 8 pm. $15. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. April 2.

Olivia O’Brien at Velvet Underground Moved from Drake Hotel. Doors 6:30 pm, all ages. $20. ticketmaster.ca. April 6. 

Ex Hex, Moaning at Horseshoe doors 8:30 pm. $20. ticketfly.com, horseshoetavern.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. April 7.

Tennyson at The Garrison doors 8 pm. $17. ticketweb.ca. April 12.

Jeremy Enigk at RADIO doors 7 pm. $20. ticketmaster.ca. April 15.

Ella Vos at The Great Hall All ages. $20. On sale January 18. ticketmaster.ca. April 16.

Joy Williams, Anthony da Costa at The Great Hall doors 8 pm. $22.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. April 18.

Priests at The Garrison doors 8 pm. $15. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. April 20.

Bad Suns at Mod Club doors 7:30 pm, all ages. $TBA. ticketweb.ca. April 23.

This Wild Life, Sleep On It, Crooked Teeth at Hard Luck Bar doors 7 pm, all ages. $21. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. April 24.

MISSIO at Mod Club doors 7 pm. $22. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. April 25.

SASAMI at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $16.50. eventbrite.ca, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. April 25.

The Drums at Phoenix Concert Theatre doors 7:30 pm. $27.50-$45.50. On sale January 18. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. May 2.

Feeder at Lee’s Palace doors 8 pm. $25. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. May 7.

My Brightest Diamond at Velvet Underground doors 8 pm. $17. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. May 11. 

Smino at  Phoenix Concert Theatre doors 7 pm. $25. ticketmaster.ca. May 16.

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan at The Garrison doors 9 pm. $12. ticketfly.com. May 18.

Architects at Danforth Music Hall doors 6:30 pm. $29.50. ticketmaster.ca. May 22.

The Who at Scotiabank Arena 8 pm. $64-$305. On sale January 18. livenation.com. June 1.

PUP, Diet Cig at Danforth Music Hall doors 7 pm, all ages. $20-$30. On sale January 18. ticketmaster.ca. June 7.

Phish at Budweiser Stage doors 6 pm. $45. On sale January 25. ticketmaster.ca. June 18.

Bryan Ferry at Sony Centre doors 7 pm, all ages. $55. On sale January 18. ticketmaster.ca. July 30. 

Mac DeMarco at Echo Beach $TBA. On sale January 18. ticketmaster.ca. September 24.  


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