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Golf season means clicking the links for tips and trash talk

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Don’t let the grim sight of snow fluttering around on the Victoria Day long weekend put you off. This is golf season, and for those of us willing to splash out cash money for four and a half hours of torture broken up by the occasional moment of joy, not even a toque and a pair of heavy gloves can slow us down.

Golf is a game where the best shot of your life can be followed by a moment of eye-popping rage when your only option is to throw the entire bag of clubs into the pond. It’s also a sport where people revel in telling each other how they can do this or that very basic shot better.

It’s no surprise, then, that golf is all over the Web. There are thousands of sites, chat rooms and newsletters dedicated to helping you get your score below 100 and give your struggling game some consistency. Tips offered range from the very basic — how to swing a golf club — to airy, existentialist commentaries on achieving oneness with your dimpled friend.

Whether any of the suggestions will actually help make your game more enjoyable is questionable, but golf fans will take any tips they can get, no matter how unreliable. See you on the tee.


Daily golf tips from people who think they’re better players than you. Sound familiar?


More help from experts. Includes tips on every aspect of the game and a helpful “ask the pro” section in case your problem isn’t covered.


The online golf guide for Ontario duffers, featuring information on hundreds of local courses and driving ranges, as well as a useful list of courses that accept online bookings, directions and, of course, helpful hints on how to improve that game.


Not everyone shares a love for golf. This is the home of the anti-golf movement No Golf! It’s dedicated to stopping the building of golf courses worldwide. The website includes a manifesto as well as stories on the environmental destruction that often accompanies new golf courses.


A funny chart that neatly breaks down the various degrees of golf anger that can result when your glorious tee shot veers off course and into the lake.


A horrifyingly addictive online mini-golf game. Say goodbye to the workday.


Jokes about golf, people who golf and golf equipment. Also includes a helpful list of excuses that can be used when your game goes pear-shaped.


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