Q&A: George Clinton

George Clinton is in a buoyant mood, given.

George Clinton is in a buoyant mood, given the circumstances. The Parliament-Funkadelic founder is warmly chatting on the phone just hours before the funeral of his 50-year-old son, George Clinton Jr., who was found dead in his Florida home February 1. Despite the tragic situation, the funk pioneer, who plays the Phoenix Sunday (February 14), is happy to riff on the topic of Valentine’s Day, punctuating his answers with raspy fits of giggles. Clinton says his show will be typically epic. “There’s gonna be lots of booty-shaking,” he says. “Tell everyone to bring an extra booty.” Will do.


How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Damn. I haven’t thought about that in so many years! You know, hang out at the park. Picnics and shit. I dunno. Soon as you asked me the question, first thing I thought about was breasts!

What’s the best gift for a loved one on Valentine’s Day?

A nice pink box of chocolate candy. The candies gotta be shaped like hearts.

What advice would you give Tiger Woods on Valentine’s Day?

I’d tell him to get his wife a box of candy. That’ll work! Nah, man, take her out for a big dinner and give her chocolates and a diamond ring shaped like a heart.

How do people in outer space celebrate Valentine’s Day?

They give each other a box of candy that reads “Dees nuts!”

How will we celebrate Valentine’s Day in the future?

Oh man, with wrinkles. They gotta give each other hard candy. That’ll keep ’em real hard.

For all the single people out there, what’s the best way to find love?

Find Tiger Woods! Go find Tiger’s wood!

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