Rosie June


Rating: NNN

Listening to BC native Rosie June’s winsome debut album evokes memories of 90s dreampop touchstones: Stereolab, Lush and the Sundays all come to mind. Those influences were at work well before the 21-year-old songwriter’s time, but the template is an ideal vehicle for her gossamer voice, which floats prettily over synth-fuelled melodies.

Savvy production on the more upbeat tracks that front-load the record adds welcome colour to what could’ve been conventional singer/songwriter material. For example, lead track Broadway’s soft beats work as ballast for June’s airy vocals, while Sound It Out’s buoyant guitar lines evoke NYC indie-popsters Ivy or BSS maestro Brendan Canning’s recent work – fitting, since the record’s re-release comes courtesy of Canning’s indie label. Comparisons aside, June has a sound all her own in the making. The impressionistic lyrics could use more depth, and the melodies’ relentless smoothness begs for more grit, but Listening Post still points to promising things.

Top track: Sound It Out



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