Stella Ella Ola


Rating: NNN

Emerging local act Stella Ella Ola might be on to something by releasing their debut album in the dog days of summer, given that their spunky retro-pop tunes would make an ideal soundtrack for long drives out to the cottage.

Just try not to bop your head along to the shouty retro harmonies and shiny surf-rock guitar melodies on lead track Summerette (natch). Hollerado members Nixon and Jake Boyd bring their typically exuberant approach to this new band, but they’ve got a secret weapon in frontwoman Anne Douris. The tunes where she takes the lead with her sassy vocals far outshine anything else on the record, which otherwise sounds a bit one-note. Nice to hear a debut that doesn’t take itself too seriously. If anything, it’s a great teaser for what must be a hugely fun live show.

Top track: Too Pretty

Stella Ella Ola play Guelph’s Hillside Festival on July 26.



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