Stephen Lyons

from Fond of Tigers

Rating: NNNNN

The Vancouver avant-rock ensemble storm the Music Gallery (197 John) as part of the VTO007 fest, Friday (May 18). $10-$20. 416-204-1080.

Who’s your favourite Toronto artist?

Frank Gehry, because of his challenge to generally accepted structure. Some others: Final Fantasy, Bob Wiseman, Edward Burtynsky, k-os, Barnyard Drama and (posthumously) the Rheostatics.

What do you love most about Toronto?

The ravines and the old brick buildings. There’s some great stone and brick work that you just don’t see anywhere west of Winnipeg.

What do you hate about the city?

It’s a bit of a princess – only talks to you in order to talk about herself. Also the highways, the urban sprawl, the wasteland that is the waterfront, the condo development near the CN Tower.

Most memorable border-crossing experience heading to Toronto?

If you don’t mind, I’d prefer not to call up the haunting memory of my 36-hour detention at the Mississauga/ Toronto border.

What was the wildest time you’ve ever had in Toronto?

Ask me again after Friday night at the Music Gallery.

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