Surfing for Dirt

Rating: NNNNNafter a few hours of clickingaround the globe with your mouse, sticking your hands in the ground and playing.

Rating: NNNNN

after a few hours of clickingaround the globe with your mouse, sticking your hands in the ground and playing with dirt can be an incredibly rewarding experience.In our very high-tech world, where instant global communication, free music transported through your phone lines and 32X CD-burning is expected rather than dreamed about, quality time in the back garden planting tomatoes can seem positively old-school. It is, but the two worlds can also complement each other.

Gardening is a social hobby, a fact best seen when hipsters at rock shows start trading tips on how to grow eggplant, and there’s no place more social than the Internet.

There are thousands of gardening sites, chat rooms and stores where every aspect of planting things in the ground, from genetically modified foods to simple tips on growing the hottest peppers known to humanity, is discussed. As always, shopping sites loom large.

Happy planting.

The self-proclaimed Internet gardening community, featuring forums, a swap shop where gardeners can trade seeds and cuttings, gardening tips and a massive glossary so you can sound smart when talking plants.

The Canadian Compost Society reminds you that Compost Awareness Week is April 28 through May 4.

The Web site for the magazine of the same name. A bit short on actual information, but worth a visit if only for the sprawling page of gardening links.

A handy go-to guide for the budding organic gardener. Pesticide-free.

The online home of the popular herb seller. It’s not as exciting as strolling through their greenhouses but does allow you to have seeds and plants delivered right to your door.

A mail-order store dealing exclusively in seeds for exotic tomatoes like the Russian Black Krim and the one-pound Polish Giant.


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