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Rating: NNNNNJuly 23, the breeders One hopes Kim Deal didn't wait nine years to restart the Breeders just to get her.

Rating: NNNNN

July 23, the breeders

One hopes Kim Deal didn’t wait nine years to restart the Breeders just to get her sister Kelley back into the fold. At Tuesday’s Lee’s Palace set, Kelley tested the limits of how little you can do while still being considered a full-time band member, occasionally strumming her guitar distractedly or tunelessly scraping the strings of a violin, but often looking more like a coat rack than a musician.

To say that the show was loose and patience-testing would be charitable. After three tight songs that suggested the Breeders had actually learned their material, things completely fell off the rails, with the sisters barking at each other across the stage, stopping for smoke breaks and occasionally playing some music.

It was toward the end of the set, when Kelley took it upon herself to learn violin during Drivin’ On 9, that the crowd’s frustration turned into the expected exodus. Had it not been for Breeders drummer Andrew Jaimez and bassist Mando Lopez, the club would have emptied a lot earlier.

july 23, danko jones

It was obviously a struggle for Danko Jones to maintain his snarling game face at the Hard Rock Café’s Club 279, surrounded by rock-star guitars under glass and a gathering of hometown pals. “Wait a minute,” laughed the Mango Kid, taking a brief break from pushing the new Born A Lion (Universal) disc to retail reps at the launch, “is that really Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar or did someone just stick on those ‘SRV’ letters?”

Along with the gags, Danko Jones busted out the new jams with awesome power and a rhythmic tautness that come from touring non-stop. Before closing, they announced they’d be leaving the next day for Vancouver for a cross-country swing that’ll bring them back to town for a proper blow-out in September.

upcoming, wednesday co-op

With the dog days of August upon us, it’s easy to let the summer stretch into a blah-inducing vortex of canned music and pints on patios. Luckily, someone in this city’s trying to mix things up. Owen Pallett of the Hidden Cameras has got together with a bunch of cool local musicians to organize the Wednesday Co-op series at Lounge 88 (14 Clinton, just south of College), a set of four unique shows that match up musicians from different bands to collaborate on one another’s material. In his words, “Some of the combinations are improbable (Jack Breakfast with hardcore guitarist Jim McIntyre? Bry Webb with a violinist?), but all are promising.”

With folks like Picastro’s Liz Hysen, Kurt Swinghammer and Two-Minute Miracles’ Andy Magoffin on tap, the shows could be awesome and definitely something different. The series kicks off this Wednesday (August 7), with Pallett, kickass Constantines vocalist/guitarist Bry Webb and former Mommyhead Michael Holt.

Well worth checking out.

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