TTC launches playlists for commuters on Apple Music

Tracks On Tracks features selections suitable for peak hours and late night and will be updated weekly with new music

If you’re a regular commuter who needs something to occupy you while you avoid interaction with other passengers, the TTC has something for you. In partnership with Apple Music and Universal Music Canada, the public transit agency is launching Tracks On Tracks, a series of curated playlists to accompany your public transit journey. 

Two playlists are available as of August 30: Rush Hour and Hush Hour. One is designed for the morning shoulder-to-shoulder everyone’s-frowning-and-smells-like-spilled-coffee commute, while the other focuses on the more relaxed breath-out later hours. Both are nearly three hours long. A spokesperson at the TTC says they will be updated weekly with new music. 

Looking over them, both playlists are somewhat predictably filled with music currently dominating the charts (Despacito, Look What You Made Me Do, etc). There is a heavy focus on Universal artists, though a spokesperson from UMC says the song choices are not limited to the label’s roster. There are some Canadian artists, mostly of the Justin Bieber/Hedley/Drake variety. Of the two, the Hush Hour playlist is slightly more adventurous. 

The playlists were assembled by “a collaborative curation team” and will regularly be compiled “by named guest editors from a variety of fields.”

Tracks On Tracks launches this morning at 10 am with a performance by Shawn Hook on board the subway from Davisville Station. | @trapunski

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