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Synthesizer-bashing We Are Wolves bruiser who helped his three-pronged post-punk attack unit obliterate the competition in the M Is For Montreal showdown. Find out why their Total Magique (Dare to Care) is making them an early favourite for Polaris honours when they tear apart Lee’s Palace (529 Bloor West), Saturday (December 8). $10 advance.

What’s with the wolf obsession among Montreal bands?

We chose the name in 2002 when the only other wolf bands were Wolf Eyes and Guitar Wolf. One day Alex [singer/bassist Alex Ortiz] showed up at a rehearsal wearing a shirt that he’d made with “We Are Wolves” written on the front, and I said, “Hey, that would make a good band name!”

From your noisy analog synth sound, it seems as though Parisian punks Metal Urbain were an inspiration.

There’s something very chaotic about them that’s appealing, especially in the way they use the drum machine. We’re a bit less angry – we have songs about love – but there are definitely some similarities.

What is M Is For Montreal?

A bunch of festival promoters, talent buyers, label reps and journalists from Europe came to Montreal looking for bands ready for the international circuit, so they had these M Is For Montreal showcases. We got a spot on the Glastonbury Festival and $5,000, which sounds pretty good to me.

Does everyone from Montreal really hate Toronto or does it just seem that way?

It’s not really Montrealers who hate Toronto it’s people who moved to Montreal from Toronto who are always bitching about it.

Everybody in a Montreal band has at least one side project. What’s yours?

I have this electronic band called Claass with Alex and a Montreal DJ, Jordan Dare. We just played our first show in September at the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, and some promoter from Europe was there and booked us a couple of shows already. So far we have two songs recorded, which may come out as a single.

Claass play the Drake Hotel January 12.


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