Watch: Sam Roberts plays new tunes and talks optimism

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The Sam Roberts Band has incredible staying power in the Canadian rock scene. Over the past decade and change, they’ve gone from overnight success – with now-classic singles like Brother Down and Don’t Walk Away Eileen – to reliable headliners. Their 2016 album TerraForm was nominated for a Juno, an honour that has come to be the standard critical response to the band’s consistently listenable tunes.

Our 3-N review notes the album was recorded with producer Graham Walsh, known for his work with Holy Fuck – a partnership we liken to what could have emerged if Brian Eno collaborated with Tom Petty instead of U2. Pop the collar on your Canadian tuxedo and click play on the video below to hear three songs from TerraForm (TerraForm, FIEND and Rogue Empire) plus Angola from 2014’s Lo-Fantasy.

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