Wavelength Winter Festival announces lineup and guest curator

After a community consultation, this year's fest has fewer artists in order to increase financial compensation and is programmed by Emma Bortolon-Vettor

Wavelength has announced the lineup for this year’s annual Winter Festival, and it’s a little different than usual.

The concept is the same: it takes place around the 19th anniversary of the local indie music series and features multiple nights of shows at the Garrison. Highlights include local hip-hop artists Lex Leosis and Myst Milano, garage pop band Twist, Inuk singer/songwriter Elisapie, Toronto indie rockers Luna Li, Beams and Future Peers, plus Mélissa Laveaux, Isla Den and Anemone.

But this year’s festival has a guest curator – Emma Bortolon-Vettor, who plays in the band Bonnie Trash, works at Girls Rock Camp Guelph and researches empathy training and music. There are also fewer acts overall in an effort to increase financial compensation for each musician. 

It’s a direct response to a community consultation Wavelength held late last year after the arts organization’s artistic director, Jonny Dovercourt (aka Jonathan Bunce), stepped aside amid accusations of workplace abuse. He was later reinstated after an independent inquiry. But criticisms around the need for fresh programming voices and proper compensation for artists remained, and this year’s Winter Fest is aiming to address them.

All-ages daytime programming at another venue will be announced soon. 

#WL19 Festival Schedule (Nighttime Shows):

Friday, February 15:

Presented in partnership with the Cultural Office of the French Embassy in Canada




Saturday, February 16





Sunday, February 17




February 15-17 at the Garrison (1197 Dundas West), doors 8 pm. Festival pass $35, single tickets $15 advance/$20 at the door. showclix.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com.

More Just Announced Toronto Concerts

Eggplant Stereo Volume One: Bossie, C.R. Gillespie, Alyson McNamara, Joshua Van Tassel at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $10. app.redpinemusic.com. January 18.

Nixxon, Keynes Woods, Deelo, WizTheKid at The Baby G doors 9 pm. $15. eventbrite.ca. January 19.

CORPUSSE, LIGHTMARES, DENT TELLS TALES at Duggan’s Brewery doors 8 pm. $10. January 25.

Dawn Ray’d, Vile Creature, Lilim, Quiet Earth at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $10. eventbrite.ca. January 31.

Lucrecia Dalt, Aaron Dilloway, Nathan Ivanco at The Baby G 9 pm. $15. ticketfly.com. February 1.

Witchrot, Possum, Bad Waitress, Flesh Rag at Horseshoe doors 9 pm. $9.50. eventbrite.ca. February 2.

Lemongrab, Pink Acid Wash, Johnny de Courcy, Bleu Nuit at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $10. ticketfly.com. February 2.

Superbody, Labradoodle at The Baby G doors 8:30 pm. $10. February 14.

Sate, Ready The Prince, The Crooked, U.N. Jefferson at Horseshoe doors 9 pm. $10. horseshoetavern.comticketfly.com. February 15.

Vypers, Peeling, Wave of Terror at The Baby G doors 9 pm. $10. ticketfly.com. February 15.

Jeremy Olander, Andrew McDonnell, Dowden at CODA 10 pm. $25. codatoronto.electrostub.com. February 15.

Wavelength Winter Festival 19: Myst Milano, Twist, Elisapie, Lex Leosis, Luna Li and others at The Garrison doors 8 pm. $15-$20, festival pass $35. showclix.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. -February 15-17.

Shallow North Dakota, Intensive Care, Not Of at Hard Luck Bar doors 8 pm. $10. February 23.

It Looks Sad. at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $11.50. ticketfly.com. February 24.

Blackalicious at Lee’s Palace doors 8:30 pm. $23.50. rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com, ticketfly.com. March 2.

Yoke Lore at The Garrison doors 8 pm. $TBA. On sale January 11. ticketweb.ca. March 8.

Clan of Xymox at Lee’s Palace doors 8 pm. $22.50. On sale January 11. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. March 18.

The Spoons at The Great Hall doors 7 pm. $TBA. eventbrite.ca. March 23.

Spiral Stairs (Pavement), The Two Koreas at Horseshoe doors 7 pm. On sale January 11. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.comhorseshoetavern.com. March 24.

The KVB, Numb.er at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $15. ticketfly.com, rotate.com. March 27.

Dead Soft, Goon at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $12. ticketfly.com, rotate.com. March 29.

Jeff Tweedy at Queen Elizabeth Theatre doors 6:30 pm, all ages. $59.50-$69.50. On sale January 11. ticketmaster.ca. April 3.

Megan Bonnell at The Great Hall doors 7 pm. $TBA. eventbrite.ca. April 4.

&More at Horseshoe doors 8:30 pm. $15. On sale January 11. soundscapesmusic.com, rotate.com. ticketfly.comhorseshoetavern.com. April 9.

SWMRS: BERKELEY’S ON FIRE, The Regrettes, Beach Goons at Phoenix Concert Theatre doors 7 pm, all ages. $22. On sale January 11. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. April 14.

Actors, Bootblacks, Mary at The Baby G doors 9 pm. $10. ticketfly.com, rotate.com. April 26.


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