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Luther Wright's over Floyd

Luther Wright and the Wrongs at the Horseshoe (370 Queen West), Saturday, December 29. $8. 416-598-4753. Rating: NNNNN

when luther wright and the Wongs completed Rebuild The Wall, their homage to Pink Floyd, they didn’t anticipate the response — huge and positive. But even at their Pink peak, fans still called out during live shows for some old Luther Wright and the Wrongs stuff.So even though the full version of Rebuild The Wall is set for release in the States in April, gentle cowboy Luther Wright is looking forward to jumping back into the originals saddle.

“We pretty much have a full-on record of original material ready to go. We had a fair chunk of it when we started to do The Wall, but we decided to go ahead and just do The Wall, which turned out to be a great idea,” says Wright from a pay phone in Kingston, near his home in the country.

In addition to working on a children’s album (not with the Wrongs), Wright was just in New York City with Wrongs Chris Brown and Kate Fenner fleshing out some ideas about a new recording. He predicts, however, that a new full-length album with the working title Broken Fucking Hearts won’t be out till next fall.

“I’d like to do a small, rootsy EP project of all broken-heart themes to bring it back home to a country-and-western feel and get it done as soon as possible, like maybe the spring,” explains Wright.

“There’ll be original songs and maybe covers of friends’ songs or traditional songs to tide people over while we work on the bigger album of original songs.”

Wright claims that playing live is the crux of it all for him and the Wrongs. Their December 29 show at the Horseshoe isn’t going to be a from-beginning-to-end Rebuild The Wall performance like the one at Ted’s in the spring, but rather an integration of a few of those tunes with some new and old.

First, though, Wright and Wrongs Sean Kelly and Cam Giroux are focusing on teaming up with Sarah Harmer for a Weeping Tile show at Lee’s on Saturday (December 22). What gives? Isn’t Harmer a bit busy doing her solo thing these days?

“Weeping Tile has always played a Salvation Army benefit show in Kingston at Christmas time, and since we’re all back and Sarah Harmer has pretty much finished her whole stint of touring in support of her hit record, we decided to do a couple of shows for all the folks who haven’t seen us for a while,” says Wright.

Weeping Tile fans shouldn’t get too hopeful that anything new will be coming out.

“There are a few new songs, but I think at this point, since it’s a one-off, we’re just gonna go through the tried and true stuff just to get back into the electric guitar mode, with amps and pedals — for Sarah and me mostly — and do stuff we don’t normally use in our present bands.

“We’re trying not to bite off more than we can chew.”

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