Wu-Tang Clan are playing Matty Matheson’s music and food festival in Toronto

The local celebrity chef's MATTYFEST at Echo Beach will feature Descendents, Danny Brown, Metz and many other bands, plus a ton of buzzy restaurants serving food

Local celebrity chef Matty Matheson is throwing a bigger party than usual this year. Much bigger. 

MATTYFEST started as a semi-tongue-in-cheek birthday “joke festival” of his favourite bands in the basement Parts & Labour. Now that his restaurant has closed (and even though its underground venue the Shop has reopened under new management), the festival has moved to Echo Beach. And it’s got a lineup to rival most “real” festivals. 

There will be two stages of music and $6 dishes by two dozen of Matheson’s favourite restaurants. Wu-Tang Clan (yes, all the living members) will headline the hip-hop and punk-centric music lineup. Other acts include legendary punk band Descendents, rapper Danny Brown and Gogol Bordello, plus local acts like Metz (a MATTYFEST standby), Jennifer Castle, Young Guv, Chastity and Daniel Romano

Restaurants include Maker Pizza, Superpoint, Donna’s, Canis, Five Points Hot Chicken, Le Swan, Cheese Boutique and an American Pitmasters BBQ station. No one will leave hungry. 

Find the full lineup in the poster below:


September 7 at Echo Beach (909 Lake Shore West). $TBA. On sale Thursday (August 1). matty-fest.com.

More Just Announced Concerts

Chris LaRocca, Kiana, Ejji Smith at Mod Club doors 8 pm, all ages. $20. ticketmaster.ca. September 4.

Mattyfest: Wu-Tang Clan, Descendents, Gogol Bordello, Danny Brown, Turnover, Metz and others at Echo Beach All ages, children under 12 free. $TBA. On sale Thursday (August 1). matty-fest.com. September 7.

C.W. Stoneking (solo) at Rivoli doors 8 pm. $18.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. September 17.

Bojan Phoenix at The Baby G doors 7 pm. $13-$15. eventbrite.ca. September 20.

Like Moths to Flames, Polaris, Afterlife at Velvet Underground doors 6 pm, all ages. $25.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. September 24.

Electric Six at Horseshoe doors 9 pm. $20.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.comhorseshoetavern.com. September 28.

Young Thug, Machine Gun Kelly, Killy, Strick at Echo Beach doors 6 pm, all ages. $65. ticketmaster.ca. September 30.

Jake Clemons (Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band) at Horseshoe doors 8:30 pm. $22.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com, horseshoetavern.com. October 1.

Being As An Ocean, Holding Absence, De’Wayne Jackson at Mod Club doors 7 pm, all ages. $25. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. October 4.

Of Mice & Men, For The Fallen Dreams, Thousand Below, Bloodbather at Lee’s Palace doors 6 pm. $25.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. October 6.

Rich Brian at Rebel doors 7 pm, all ages. $TBA. On sale Wednesday (July 31). ticketweb.ca. October 8.

Sam Fender at Horseshoe doors 8 pm. $20. On sale Friday (August 2). ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com, horseshoetavern.com. October 12.

Despised Icon, Suffocation, Kublai Khan, Ingested, Shadow Of Intent at Opera House doors 6 pm, all ages. $26.50. On sale Friday (August 2). ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. October 13.

Tsushimamire, Vypers at Monarch Tavern doors 8:30 pm. $11. eventbrite.ca. October 16.

X Avant: Lido Pimienta, New Chance, Germaine Liu and others at Music Gallery at 918 Bathurst Passes $50-$60. musicgallery.org. October 17-20.

Tegan & Sara at Winter Garden Theatre October 18 show added. Doors 7 pm, all ages. $50.50-$100.50. ticketmaster.ca. October 18-19.

Melanie Martinez, Lauren Ruth Ward at Rebel doors 7 pm, all ages. $36-$46. On sale August 9. ticketmaster.ca. October 22.

Chance The Rapper at Scotiabank Arena doors 6 pm, all ages. $60-$175. On sale Friday (August 2). ticketmaster.ca. November 4.

Prateek Kuhad at Mod Club doors 8 pm. $TBA. On sale Friday (August 2). ticketweb.ca. November 8.

Newfound Glory, Hawthorne Heights, Free Throw, Jetty Bones at Phoenix Concert Theatre doors 6 pm. $30. On sale Friday (August 2). ticketmaster.ca. November 13.

Sun Seeker, Girlfriend Material, Carriers at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $12.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. November 18.

With Confidence, Between You and Me, Doll Skin at Hard Luck Bar doors 6 pm, all ages. $19. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. November 23.

CHON, Between the Buried and Me, Intervals at Phoenix Concert Theatre doors 6:30 pm, all ages. $38-$53. On sale Friday (August 2). ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. November 24.

Allah-Las at Lee’s Palace doors 8 pm. $25.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. November 24.

Il Divo at Queen Elizabeth Theatre A Holiday Song Celebration. Doors 7 pm, all ages. $75. On sale Friday (August 2). ticketmaster.ca. November 26.

Partner at The Garrison doors 8 pm. $15. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. November 28.

Ron Pope at The Great Hall doors 7 pm. $27.50. On sale Friday (August 2). ticketmaster.ca. January 14, 2020.

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