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1. Centennial Who: Dina Malandrino (child and.

1. Centennial

Who: Dina Malandrino (child and youth work)

Back to school tip: Get organized and get yourself into the right state of mind, determined to do well.

Student life essential: The parking lot! Right when I finish class, I run to my car and go. I need to study at home.


2. George Brown

Who: Jennifer Tanney (bachelor of science, nursing)

Back to school tip: For mature students it’s hard to balance work and life. It’s important to reach out to your peers and create a community within your program that you can lean on.

Student life essential: A Tim Hortons card.


3. Ryerson

Who: Daniel Drak (fashion communications)

Back to school tip: Prepare awesome stories about your summer adventures.

Student life essential: You only need two things to survive: beer and a smartphone.



Who: Raymond Salaber (photography)

Back to school tip: Keep your school supply shopping simple. You don’t need a lot of things, just notebooks, pencils and pens.

Student life essential: My handmade journals. I didn’t take lot of notes in high school, but keeping track of everything is really hard. It’s become part of my practice now.


5. York

Who: Adrian DiStefano (general arts)

Back to school tip: My first week back, I make sure my laptop is up to date with the newest software.

Student life essential: A JanSport backpack I bought at Luggage City.


6. U of T

Who: Margio Rana (art history)

Back to school tip: Plenty of sleep.

Student life essential: I like the blocked-off street beside Sid Smith Hall with the outdoor patio. U of T is so scattered, it’s nice to have a place to meet.


7. Humber

Who: Andrew Racknor (jazz studies)

Back to school tip: Commit yourself. I’ve already started practising a few hours a day.

Student life essential: There’s a coffee place near campus called Tatsu’s. Everyone goes, even the teachers. It’s sort of the spot.


8. Seneca

Who: Samantha Montanaro (recreation and leisure)

Back to school tip: Car-pool with friends. And visit the school ahead of time to make sure you know where you’re going on the first day.

Student life essential: Having a good relationship with all your teachers.

Interviews and photos by Stefania Yarhi

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