6 cannabis choices to light up your holidaze

From pre-rolls to frosty nuggets to decorate your tree, these tasty cultivars are sure to spark up your secret Santa stash

It’s not too late to grab your loved ones some cannabis to go with the festivities. Here are six from our secret Santa stash to spark up your holidaze.

Citizen Stash The 12 Joints Of Christmas 

Who needs an Advent calendar when you have pre-rolls? Each unique cultivar comes with a different colour filter. With 12 unique flavours to choose from, it’s like dipping into a box of chocolates. Sample classics like Sage n Sour, Sundae Driver, Mac 1 and Death Bubba, with some extra treats like Cookie Puss, Cake Crasher, FPOG and Interstellar.

Cognōscente™ Craft Tasting Flight

Be the life of your family gathering with this flight of craft weed that comes with Avant Brand’s top cultivars like Macflurry and Peanut Butter Mac. There are only 420 units available so if you’re one of the lucky few to score this pack, please share!

JOI Botanicals Purple Punch Mints #11

These purple nugs are so frosty you could put them on your tree as decorations. Not only do they ooze bag appeal, but they’re also hitting a whopping 25 per cent THC and burn white as Santa’s beard with strong notes of blueberry. Grown in Alberta in coco with Remo Nutrients, this limited-time offer is not to be missed. 


Rapper and Cookies founder Berner is breaking all the rules, even mixing in Drake into his launch video (only to have to rerelease it the same day with the footage cut). Cookies have also faced fire from Health Canada, having to change the name of their Gary Payton strain. Partnering with cannabis legends the Reda Brothers’ Gage Cannabis, they’ve already begun to dip into Toronto retail market with the first Cookies store opening on Queen West. Let the lineups begin.

Wrapped and Redee

These red and white candy cane-style Xmas smokes produced by the heirs of Grand River Enterprises are sure to be a hit with their new equity in Hexo. Sales continue to skyrocket coast to coast to coast as Redecan puts 10 packs of cannabis-style cigarettes on the map.

Mood Ring Jack Flash 510 Vape

Just like St. Nick, our old friend Jack is back for Mood Ring’s very first vape offering. Jack has long been a staple in the Quebec cannabis market. But you can taste the legacy this holiday with the new affordable one-gram cartridge with a recyclable hemp plastic tip. If you’ve been missing Jack this legal cart is for you!

Lisa Campbell is CEO of Mercari Agency Ltd.


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