A new Six god is blessing Toronto with a scavenger hunt for cash


Rich in the Six sounds like the title for a reality show about spoiled Rosedale teens that was scrapped after one season. Or it could be an idyllic Torontonian dream marketed by your local condo developer. Actually, there are a lot of other things you would think of before thinking of what it represents: a series of clues which lead to hidden tokens around the city that are worth $1,000.

I just really wanted to help people,” says Rich in the Six creator Andrew (who prefers that his last name isn’t published). “I noticed there was a lot of negativity in the media the past few months, so this gives people something to do on the side thats positive. They can go on the website, check out some clues and maybe they can get some money and do something good.

Diminishing skepticism about anything interesting happening north of Dupont, the scavenger hunt has been taking place throughout the GTA since October 1. Every few days, Andrew posts a new clue online which will lead participants to the next token.

The clues can be anything word clues, pictures, videos, audio clips, Andrew says. But what most people are really curious about is if theres a catch: do we have to locate a token reader in Timmins to exchange them? Are they only redeemable for 1000 Scene points? But Andrew assures us its as easy as it sounds.

People are always looking for fine print, but there is nothing they need to give me back,” he says. “You find it, you get the money. Its as simple as that.

Unsurprisingly, the response to free, no-strings-attached money has been very positive. The first day that I posted the clue, the site crashed from all the traffic coming to it. I get a lot of emails thanking me, everyone really loves it.

Andrew’s own riches were made from investing in small startups, the questionable sustainability of handing out free cash doesn’t faze him, and hes already planning to launch the game in other cities.

I don’t have an end date in mind,” he says. “Ill just keep adding cities as time goes on.

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