Adamson Barbecue: right-wing lunacy or publicity stunt?

Plus, breathing Hellfire missiles on COVID-19, why Doug Ford and John Tory don't care about affordable housing and Toronto's skating rules in reader mail

Right-wing lunacy” at play in BBQ controversy

Re Adamson Barbecue Owner Arrested After Defying Lockdown Orders (NOW Online, November 26). There’s a confluence of right-wing lunacy at play here, with Trumpists, anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers being largely indistinguishable from one another and from the usual extreme-right white supremacist thugs they congregate with. They sing in unison: “My right to kill you is more important than your right to live.” Scary times.

Denis Robert – From

COVID advice from a random stranger 

Denis Robert’s grouping together of random strangers as “thugs and white supremacists” (NOW Online, November 27) shows how divided our population truly is. Stay at home if you are elderly or high risk and collect the government stipend. Those who are not at risk should be able to earn a living. If you don’t like it, turn off the TV and read a damn book. This controversy is 100 per cent social media-driven.

Paul Short – From

Defying lockdown order was a publicity stunt

Adam Skelly’s longtime patrons (myself included) guarantee he has been able to make ends meet with takeout and delivery. Heck, I’m on the email list for discounts and he thanked everyone this past summer for having a super profitable summer season. This was a publicity stunt and I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

Adam Skelly and toilet paper resellers have one thing in common: they are truly in it for themselves. No way I’m letting this guy feed my family.

Doug Throughton – From

Breathing Hellfire missiles on COVID-19

Re Who Will Be First In Line For A COVID-19 Vaccine? (NOW Online, November 24) Rick Hillier, Canada’s former chief of defence staff, has been appointed to oversee distribution of a vaccine in Ontario. He will kill the virus by shooting Hellfire missiles at it. Problem solved in every NATO country, from Esquimalt to the Black Sea!

Eric Mills – From

Ford and Tory don’t give a fig about housing

Re: What Living In Temporary Housing In Toronto Is Like During COVID-19 (NOW Online, November 29) Doug Ford and John Tory are causing a pandemic of illness, suffering and COVID deaths by evicting hundreds of homeless people from temporary encampments and forcing them into shelters. Ford and Tory don’t give a shit about affordable housing – only condos for their friends and supporters.

Don Weitz – From

Toronto’s new skating rules on thin ice

Re The Rules For Skating Rinks This Winter (NOW Online, November 27). Most of the rinks are booked up. Did they limit how many bookings people could make and where and how often to ensure that as many people as possible could enjoy? It would be nice to include the realities of booking and the chances of getting some ice time in your article.

Beth C. Clare – From

Netflix needs more anime

Re What To Watch On Netflix Canada In December (NOW Online, November 26). I saw that Dragon Ball Super: Broly is coming to Netflix. Love it. I am a fan of anime and would like to see the entire Dragon Ball series come to Netflix. I have sent them several requests for one in particular (High School Of The Dead) with no response. Maybe a bit of a push from you folks?

Bill Benstead – From

Where to find good things in Toronto

I have read NOW every week since moving to Toronto in 1997. I enjoy your perspective on politics, human rights and culture. You have always been a good resource on where to find good things in Toronto.

Kevin Goss – From

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