Best hockey goal ever?

Nine passes – four between the legs – and a one-timer make for possibly the greatest highlight in hockey

Sometimes, a sports highlight will make our jaw clank to the floor. That’s the case with one of the most awe-inspiring hockey goals we’ve ever seen…and it’s not even from NHL talent.

In this highlight from the ECHL’s Victoria Salmon Kings, forwards Dirk Southern, Scott Howes, and Adam Taylor took their hockey skills to the next level with this pretty play involving several dangles, in-and-out moves and a gorgeous one-time pass.

This dazzler involved nine passes in total, including four between the legs. We’re not sure if the Salmon Kings were just toying with their opponents, or if this is something they do on the regular. Either way, the Leafs could use this kind of teamwork (too soon?).

Sports highlights are often the top viral hits on any given day — after all, sports is the only unscripted reality TV, so when an athlete surpasses our expectation, we take notice…and we want to share the link with other sports-minded fanatics.

Thanks to a small team from Victoria, we now have another display of athletic awesomeness to forward ad nauseum. It’s just surprising to see it come from a AA hockey league.


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