Bogus bomb threat riles Gore protestors

Rating: NNNNNThe Los Angeles County police aren't taking any chances that those pesky protestors are going to make any Seattle-style.

Rating: NNNNN

The Los Angeles County police aren’t taking any chances that those pesky protestors are going to make any Seattle-style trouble this week at the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles.

They’ve set up shop two floors above the Independent Media Centre and the lefty “Shadow Convention” in Patriotic Hall.

“You know, they want to make sure we’re safe,” quips Brian Drolett, who’s in charge of satellite operations for Free Speech TV, an alternative satellite broadcast that saw its inaugural nightly show Crashing The Party snuffed out Monday by what many say was a bogus bomb threat. Police sealed off access to the parking lot where FreeTV’s satellite truck was parked. But the bomb squad didn’t show up and police didn’t evacuate the hall until two hours later.

“Their timing was impeccable. They took us down right before the satellite was to go live,” says Sheri Herndon.

Drolett says Free Speech TV is planning to seek a temporary injunction in federal court to prevent police from using “pretext” to stop their transmission.

Responds LAPD spokesperson Jason Lee: “We’re not going to reply or go into debate with any of their allegations. That’s what civil lawsuits are for.”

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