Canadians plan on dropping $237M on chocolates for Easter this year: survey

According to a survey, Canadians will spend more than $237 million on the sweet candy. (Courtesy: Alexander Grey)


Easter is a few weeks away and Canadians will no doubt be hitting grocery stores to stock up on chocolate, but how much are people really spending this holiday?

According to a survey carried out by Hello Safe, Canadians will spend more than $237 million on the sweet treat.

The company took a deep dive into purchasing trends and found that 66.2 per cent of Canadian participants plan to buy chocolates for the occasion.

However, almost 50 per cent of Canadians plan on spending less than $50 this year. Only 25.4 per cent of those questioned say they plan to spend more than $100.

Additionally, 61.7 per cent of survey respondents said they want to celebrate Easter this year, which is down 13.3 points from last year.

This study is based on an online opinion survey conducted between Mar. 1 and 20, 892 Canadians took part.



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