Climate denier calls protesters Hitler Youth

It doesn't take long to realize the climate change deniers are as offensive in Copenhagen as they are in Canada

With only a few hours in the Copenhagen under my belt, I am still marvelling at the climate awareness on billboards and street installations at every corner, be it in slickness or in art.

And of course, my inbox is bursting at the seams with messages to check out action on the ground as the city explodes with the creme of climate strategy and action over the crucial coming days. I am raring to go and will keep you posted. But the message below gives me a chill as I deal with jetlag in the dark rainy city night.

Climate deniers are on the offensive, even here. Check out the press release to see the way these guys operate. In the advisory, they call themselves the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and they are inviting the press to an International Climate Eco-Summit (ICE 2009). Sounds so smooth.

Meanwhile tomorrow’s event comes after another one organized by the Americans for Prosperity just yesterday where a group of fifty U.S. clean energy youth activists stormed the stage in Copenhagen during a live webcast also featuring endless climate crisis denier Christopher Monckton. He goes buck.

Here’s the video (Monckton spills the Nazi comparison at 1:20):[rssbreak]

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