Kids play fast and loose with COVID rules

Plus, why restaurants should stay open, Deepa Mehta's not-so-Funny Boy and most Canadians would agree on an assault rifle ban in reader mail

There seems to be a total disregard for the virus

Re Toronto To Extend Ban On Indoor Dining, Fitness Classes (NOW Online, November 10). I live across the street from a school in Weston that includes a daycare and kindergarten and elementary students. It’s amazing to me with all that is going on with COVID-19 that these kids are allowed to run wild with few masks and no social distancing. It’s been going on since school started. At times during the day, one or both schoolyards have dozens of kids playing, grabbing after each other, throwing balls and sharing other toys and equipment. There seems to be total disregard for the virus. I talked to a schoolyard monitor about it but that was no help.

Richard Sutherland – From

Why restaurants should be allowed to reopen

Winter is coming. Luckily that means fewer people will want to go outdoors during the COVID-19 crisis. Restaurants will turn to delivery services but many can’t survive on that. There will be an increase of private parties as a result and every opportunity for the spread to get far worse. Restaurants should be allowed to open and monitored daily with strict guidelines. If people are going to have dinner parties then it’s best to do it in the safety of controlled environments.

Kevin White – From

Deepa Mehta’s Funny Boy faces Tamil backlash

It is with some interest I read the piece on Deepa Mehta and her adaptation of Funny Boy (NOW Online, November 5). Mehta will not have any convincing feelings of the depth of the suffering Tamils of Ceylon/Sri Lanka. That’s not news for Tamils. But she’s messing with a people who will not put up with this sort of rubbish and nonsense. Diaspora Tamils wish to boycott this film, and rightly so.

Chandi Chiva – From

Scarborough Bluffs etched in high school memories

Re Pandemic Walk: The Scarborough Bluffs (NOW Online, November 14). Thank you so much for these photos! When I was in high school, I went to Cardinal Newman (as it was known then) and the bluffs were used mainly for teenage pranks. And now the Bluffs are eroding quite quickly due to weather, so it is lovely to see what they really look like up close. I have a friend who owns a house in the area. I am so jealous!

Teresa Guardia — From

Landlord and Tenant Board silent on rent increases

Re How To Challenge An Above-Guideline Rent Increase (NOW Online, November 14). I’ve had three above-guideline rent increases in each of the last three years. Not a single one was heard by the Landlord and Tenant Board so what’s the point? By the time a ruling happens, it will be too late and considered lawful rent.

Chris McKenzie — From

RapidTO a good start 

Re New RapidTO Transit Network Provides Commuters With Quicker And More Reliable Trips (NOW Online, November 12). I have little knowledge of Toronto’s transit system as I’ve only taken it a couple of times. Still, RapidTO lanes for buses and bikes sounds like a good idea. It’s certainly better than the increasingly worsening transit system in Baltimore, where I live.

Medina Krause — From

Affordable housing myth crosses borders 

Re There’s No Such Thing As Affordable Housing In Toronto (NOW, November 12-18) I’m from Buffalo, NY, and have been saying the exact same thing about affordable housing here. Your article is an excellent reflection on what is happening with the “fake” affordable housing. This article clearly articulates the affordable housing problem we are both experiencing and that results in increasing homelessness.

Dale Zuchlewski – From

Biden win may not change much for poor in U.S.

As much as I’m glad Biden won (NOW Online, November 7) I’m not counting on a Biden/Harris government to make a marked improvement in the quality of life of poor and low-income Americans. I believe the pair will try, but I have a hard time imagining anything resembling Obamacare coming back.

Frank Sterle Jr. –  From

Most Canadians would agree on assault rifle ban

Gun advocates opposed to an assault rifle ban need to settle down (NOW Online, November 1). What would they need an assault rifle for? There’s no place for handguns or assault rifles in a peaceful society. Most Canadians would agree.

John K. – From · @nowtoronto

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