Doug Ford trying to force teachers to strike with back-to-school measures

Plus, Nova Scotia mass shooting exposes RCMP incompetence, the beauty of Brent Carver and Cineplex's pandemic rerun in reader mail this week

We don’t need to reopen schools yet

How irresponsible of Premier Doug Ford to force back-to-school measures on Ontario’s schools when the danger of a COVID-19 second wave poses a grave threat to public safety (NOW, July 30-August 5). 

Ford is jeopardizing the safety of children and teachers, and begging another strike action by the teachers’ unions. He is disregarding the advice of Ontario’s Medical Officer of Health, who has warned that screening to be implemented under the plan will be difficult to execute. We don’t need to reopen the schools yet.

This is where good corporate citizens, churches and convention halls could donate space temporarily to allow one or two classes to hold their school days in smaller, controlled spaces.

Christopher Mansour


Mass shooting exposes RCMP’s incompetence

Enzo DiMatteo’s op-ed concerning the Nova Scotia mass shooting (NOW Online, August 3) is a critical, informative and sharply toned article that exposes the federal government’s attempt to smother the incompetence of the RCMP. 

The shooting rampage by Gabriel Wortman is another example of the federal police force’s inability to deal with a gunman on a mission. 

Of course, the Trudeau Liberals do not wish to air the dirty laundry of the Keystone Cops who would have trouble tracking an elephant in the snow. It is time to consider retiring the RCMP from major crimes and creating a professional federal law enforcement agency much like the FBI in the United States. 

Dale LePage


Beauty of Brent Carver

I loved Glenn Sumi’s touching in memoriam to Brent Carver (NOW Online, August 8). He was one of my favourite actors and singers. I’ve gotten to know his work over the past several years. He was a beautiful performer.

Medina Krause


He talks to angels

Canadians lost a theatre icon in Brent Carver. Thanks for the memories. The angels now have an eternity of entertainment. RIP.

Elaine R.


Will complaints about police now fall on deaf ears?

Re Human Rights Commission Cites “Highly Disturbing” Use Of Force By Toronto Police (NOW Online, August 10). We didn’t need an Ontario Human Rights Commission inquiry to come to the conclusion that Toronto police mistreat Black people. But I’m happy to see someone else come to these findings rather than just our complaints falling on deaf ears. What’s gonna happen now?

Devin G.


Blood-curdling donation policy

It’s hard to believe that Blood Services Canada is still discriminating on blood donations based on sexual identity (NOW Online, August 9). How is this government-appointed body still allowed to openly violate the Canadian Human Rights Act? Get your head out of the dark ages. Knowing how someone identifies is not going to protect anyone. Screening based on behaviour and testing all blood donations are the best-proven methods to protect everyone without violating anyone’s rights. 

Lorraine M. Gale


We’ve seen this pandemic movie before

Cineplex announced $5 movie tickets (NOW Online, July 30), so I went to the Cineplex website to check out their pandemic safety precautions. 

Cleaning, social distancing, a symptom-free policy (lol), reduced food offerings, etc. etc. But what about masks? 

Cineplex is “recommending that our guests wear a mask.” Gee, that’ll be effective advice for people eating popcorn and drinking pop.

Also, “Guests are required to sit in their reserved seat for the duration of the movie.” I guess you can’t go to pee or to get more drinks?

Sorry, even if I reserve centre-of-the-row seats and get seated early, this doesn’t sound to me like a safe place to spend a couple of hours.

Carolyn King


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