Is the public too hard on Doug Ford’s handling of the pandemic?

Plus, no COVID testing for Ontario school kids, Canada's digital divide grows wider and Toronto real estate messing it up for everyone in reader mail this week

Tired of Doug Ford bashing

Re Doug Ford’s Halloween Massacre (NOW Online, October 21). I’m tired of bashing Doug Ford’s government. We are in a situation of many unknowns. There has never been a virus as widespread as this. As far as I am concerned, we should be more thankful. Politicians are doing as much as possible to let the public know what’s going on and what they plan to do about it. Each day they have to make decisions based on the unknowns of a situation. Grow up, people of Canada. The government is trying to help not hinder.

Janet Mather — From

Why is Ontario actively discouraging COVID testing of school kids?

Re Ontario reports 821 new COVID-19 cases (NOW Online, October 20). 

There is testing capacity to spare, according to this article. Asymptomatic workers in “congregate settings” are eligible for COVID testing at pharmacies, except when they work in schools. Children and education workers are packed into classrooms at close quarters (less than 2 metres apart), in numbers larger than what is allowed in any other workplace, yet asymptomatic education workers and school children are not even allowed to book a COVID test. Why not? The nurses hired to work in schools are not testing for asymptomatic carriers either. Why not? The Ontario government was given millions by the federal government for a safe school restart, yet they have chosen not to use it to reduce class sizes, and not to introduce regular testing either. These are deliberate policy decisions. Why are Ontario’s leaders actively discouraging testing for school workers and children?

C.R. — From

Cheaper internet in Canada, for gods sake

Re: Toronto’s Digital Divide Is Leaving Many People Disconnected (NOW, October 22-28).

If memory serves, Brian Mulroney set about dealing with Bell and Rogers when the internet was in its infancy. He provided funding and tax breaks allowing these two multi-billion dollar corporations to set themselves up to make unbelievable profits over the decades without thinking once about the general population with low incomes. To this day, they remain the two main players who sell internet access to a few smaller companies. It’s a shame. It’s taxpayers’ money that got them where they are today and taxpayers are absolutely the ones getting screwed.

My brother lives in Thailand. He has 30-plus companies willing to come into his home and set him up. His internet is as good as mine and he pays roughly $30 a month Canadian for full coverage, for god’s sake

Gary Schumacher — From

Animated ads make for a headache online

I started to read your cover story Digital Divide online. The first two paragraphs had me and I wanted to continue reading. However, there were so many fucking animated ads throughout the copy that I was getting a headache and couldn’t concentrate. I had to stop as some ads don’t have close buttons, which should be illegal. I really miss the paper edition.

Robert Robinet — From

Looking for the “best” list on pandemic safety

Just wondering why you guys aren’t doing a “safest places” list for services like hairdressers, etc. during the pandemic. Some businesses are implementing a lot of safety features while others are not (or are doing the bare minimum). This would be information a lot of people would be interested to have. If we can do the “best” list, why can’t we do the “safest”?

John Carby — From

Toronto is making the real estate market expensive for everyone

Why are people leaving Toronto for greener pastures? (NOW, September 3-9) I literally can’t even buy my first home because idiots from the GTA come to smaller places like London, Ontario, and are offering $50,000 over asking price. Wish they would fix their own issues instead of creating them for others.

Tom A. — From

Montrealer loves learning about Ontario

I thoroughly enjoy reading your magazine. I live in Montreal and love learning about Ontario. You give me insight on the very big changes to the Canadian landscape in housing, business, etc. Thank you!

Paula Ann Stewart — From

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2 responses to “Is the public too hard on Doug Ford’s handling of the pandemic?”

  1. Check out elementary class sizes this week. Many classes have been collapsed in order to create fewer , larger classes. Crazy!

  2. Good evening? ~I really look forward to receiving your newsletters~ living in northwestern Ontario in 2020 is a
    very different year with the Covid19 virus~ you’ve given me much insight on how we are all coping with the changing landscapes in health issues, real estate, changing business,
    our gov’t efferts, and their performances. Also the amazing human stories~ thanks allot?

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