Dumping plans put Toronto greens in tizzy

Rating: NNNNNThis is some dirty trouble. Toronto's latest plan to ship its garbage up to the Adams Mine and the unwilling.

Rating: NNNNN

This is some dirty trouble.

Toronto’s latest plan to ship its garbage up to the Adams Mine and the unwilling residents of Timiskaming has ignited a fire under Toronto enviro activists.

“This is quite medieval if council goes ahead with it,” says local activist Tooker Gomberg of the Adams Mine plan, which many say is environmentally unsound.

Gomberg, with the support of Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, the Toronto Environmental Alliance and others, has whipped together a new coalition called Stop Considering the Adams Mine (SCAM) and is mounting an instant leafleting campaign to get Torontonians to blitz the mayor’s office with calls opposing the plan.

Council takes a final vote on the issue Tuesday (August 1).

The mayor’s office could not be reached for comment.

But councillor Jack Layton, who is against the Adams Mine plan, will be appearing at a demo in Timiskaming this weekend, where local residents plan to burn an effigy of Lastman and declare war on Toronto.

“If the mayor thinks there’s a strong feeling that we don’t want to be known as a city that dumps its garbage in communities that don’t want it, then maybe he’ll change his mind.”

If you want to help, call 532-3939 or e-mail scam@ziplip.com.

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