TD facing more protests over its stake in Dakota Access Pipeline

Canadians are being asked to close their TD bank accounts after authorities stateside give pipeline opponents December 5 deadline to clear out



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TD Securities and TD are not alone in funding the oil and gas industry

While TD Securities is indeed heavily invested and funding the Dakota pipeline, this is not their sole oil and gas industry project, And they are not alone. HSBC, RBC, CIBC, BMO and Scotiabank are also complicit in funding and investing in the oil and gas industries and their projects - anything from pipelines, to drilling and fracking to even seismic testing. And not only in the US, but also right here in Canada. The best way to send a message is to remove ALL your money and invest in a credit union. I did it and I let them know loud and clear why I did it. So long HSBC I banked with you for close to 40 years and so long TD I banked with you for 16.

Avril Watson 6 days ago


I think TD should lower their interest rate.

Richard Shaw 7 days ago

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