Elfing viral

Elfyourself is online promo done right

You know Christmas is coming when ElfYourself goes viral.

The ElfYourself site allows anyone to create custom Christmas e-cards by super-imposing headshot photos on the faces of dancing cartoon elves. They breakdance, disco-hustle, dance to country tunes and more. It’s light-hearted stuff but surprisingly entertaining.

The promo site began in 2006, when OfficeMax’s ElfYourself site accumulated 36 million views in its first year.

Since OfficeMax began teaming with Internet promo champions JibJab, popularity has soared. T

his year’s updated version is no different: according to TechCrunch, the ElfYourself site had 11.5 million unique visitors in October, up 229 per cent over the same time period last year.

I tried it out twice, and it’s easy to upload any photos from your hard drive or Facebook, cropping them perfectly to fit on top of the elf’s shoulders. Granted, low-res shots will look horrible, and make sure you have permission to use the photos you upload.

You can select up to five elves, and are then allowed to place them in a variety of situations.

Only thing is, ElfYourself will fade from memory once Dec. 24 hits. Maybe that’s the point, and OfficeMax don’t expect any viral love after Christmas. But they should. Maybe it’s time to create custom e-card version for other holidays, like Valentine’s or Mother’s Day or even (gasp!) Passover. It only makes sense to keep a good thing going.[rssbreak]

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