Flatter taxer

Rating: NNNNNBroadview-Greenwood MP Dennis "Peter Puck" Mills insists he hasn't received any overtures from the Alliance party, despite a memo.

Rating: NNNNN

Broadview-Greenwood MP Dennis “Peter Puck” Mills insists he hasn’t received any overtures from the Alliance party, despite a memo from his own office that suggests the Stockwell Day camp covets the wacky Grit.

“I know the Alliance would like to have Dennis on their side because they share policies on various issues,” a Mills aide wrote to a constituent recently.

Other than the fact that he was way ahead of Day on the flat tax, however, Mills says they have nothing in common and he hasn’t been approached.

A self-described “Trudeau Liberal,” Mills claims, “I’m a total contradiction to the Canadian Alliance.”

He’s a total contradiction to something.

He fundraised for farmers, although we’re pretty sure there are none in his city riding. And he headed up the parliamentary committee that recommended tax breaks for pro hockey teams.

Again, we couldn’t locate a struggling NHL franchise on the Danforth.

We believe him when he says the Alliance doesn’t want him.

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