Ford government’s sloppy school restart

Plus, no tipping rule feels like a scam and Glen Stewart Ravine a local wonderland in reader mail this week

COVID subterfuge

SARS-2 continues to smoulder in parts of the GTA, ready to rise again (NOW Online, September 3). And the sloppy Ford–Lecce school restart plan may well present an opening for further spread. We shall know soon enough. For three months the Ford government has shifted from reporting the number of people tested daily to the number of tests conducted. Epidemiologists are not impressed with this subterfuge.

Jas Macleod


Education crisis caused by COVID is global

The start of September brings the start of a new school year for many children, but this year is filled with new uncertainties and anxieties. When the coronavirus pandemic broke out, education services across the globe shut down, forcing approximately 1.6 billion students in over 190 countries out of their classes. According to the UN, approximately 23.8 million of those children may not be able to return to school. 

The education crisis caused by COVID-19 is only worsening conditions for children who were facing humanitarian crises before the pandemic. Without help from the global community, the future remains bleak for these children. By investing at least 1 per cent of Canada’s COVID-19 response in the emergency global fund, we can help provide much-needed aid to refugees experiencing the double emergency of the pandemic and humanitarian crises.

Jackie Nguyen


No tipping rule feels like a scam

Why would people keep working as servers if restaurants end tipping? (NOW Online, August 29). 

My wife works as a server. Without the tips to make up for all the crap they go through on a daily basis – like people trying to get free meals by putting stuff in their own food, drunks hitting on you, dine and dashers – I’m pretty sure the turnover in these restaurants will be insane.

Do you want good service? Tip. It’s that simple. If people that go to restaurants can’t afford to tip, they shouldn’t be there in the first place.

This no-tipping idea just feels like a scam by restaurant owners trying to see if they can get away with underpaid cheap labour.



Etobicoke will be hard hit by bus cuts

Re Mapping Ford Government’s Cuts To Bus Routes (NOW Online, August 26) “For the people” my ass!

I’m surprised the 46 Martin Grove bus wasn’t mentioned as a possible candidate for underperforming bus route cuts. That would mean a 15 minute walk to and from Kipling station every time I commute to work – longer, if I have to wait for a Kipling bus that has some room on it. Or I could walk 20 minutes and catch the Kipling Express at Eglinton.

Cutting the 48 Rathburn, 49 Bloor and 50 Burnhamthorpe routes means that there is no East-West service from Dundas (below Bloor from Six Points West) to Eglinton, leaving people to trek to East Mall or Kipling.

This means that there will be no bus service to the Etobicoke Olympium or Centennial Park (site of past Ford Fests).

But of course, Doug can drive wherever he pleases and never ride the TTC, unless it is re-election time when he will trot out his tired spiel about being the champion of the hard-working people.

Frederick Harrison


Glen Stewart Ravine a local wonderland

Re Pandemic Walk: Glen Stewart Ravine (NOW Online, August 31). Thanks for sharing your take on this quiet local wonderland. Two quick thoughts: first, just east of the Kingston Road entrance, you’ll find the lovely Kingston Road Village, which is blooming with a bunch of new food and coffee places among some longer-established ones.

Second: Ivan Forrest Gardens is a lovely neighbourhood spot. Remember that children playing are sometimes just children playing – don’t be too quick to jump to your cellphone.

Ilan Muskat


So long, sucker

Re Two Restaurants That Gave King West The Middle Finger Have Closed (NOW Online, September 1) Good riddance to Kit Kat. The place was overpriced and there only to sucker theatre-goers. The food was barely passable.

Denis Robert


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