Here’s the full list of restrictions in Ontario lockdown zones

Hair salons, barber shops, most retail stores and museums are closing in Toronto and Peel

Ontario is implementing lockdown restrictions in Toronto and Peel just after midnight on Monday.

The neighbouring regions will enter the “grey”– or lockdown – zone as part of the provincial COVID-19 framework in an attempt to bend the epidemic curve.

Ontario’s confirmed COVID-19 cases passed the 100,000 mark last week, and Toronto officials have said 45 per cent of the city’s total cases have occurred since October 1.

The new measures will bring outdoor dining to a halt, and see non-essential retail stores, malls, museums and galleries, hair and nail salons close.

However, pharmacies, supermarket, hardware and convenience stores and dentist and doctors’ offices will remain open.

The restrictions will last a minimum of 28 days, and public health officials will assess the data around key indicators every week.

Public health officials are advising people in the lockdown zones to stay home and only go out for work, school, exercise, groceries and other essential needs.

Below is the full list of Ontario lockdown restrictions taking effect in Toronto and Peel on November 23.

Organized public events, social gatherings and religious services, rites and ceremonies

  • No indoor organized public events and social gatherings, except with members of the same household
  • Limit for outdoor organized public events and social gatherings, physical distancing can be maintained:
    • 10 people outdoors
  • Limit for weddings, funerals and other religious services, rites or ceremonies where physical distancing can be maintained:
    • 10 people indoors
    • 10 people outdoors
  • Virtual and drive-in gatherings, events services, rites or ceremonies permitted

Restaurants, bars and food or drink establishments

  • Indoor and outdoor service prohibited
  • Take out, drive through and delivery permitted, including sale of alcohol

Sports and recreational fitness facilities

  • Closed for indoor and outdoor except for high performance and professional athletes
  • Community centres and multi-purpose facilities (for example, YMCA) allowed to be open for permitted activities such as child care services

Meeting and event spaces

  • Closed with limited exceptions for:
    • day camps for children
    • recreational and skill building programs under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014
    • alcohol or substance abuse counselling
    • court services
    • government services
    • mental health support services


  • Retail permitted to be open for curbside pick-up or delivery only (in-person retail shopping not permitted)
  • Exceptions where in-person shopping is permitted:
    • supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores
    • hardware stores
    • other retailers selling groceries
    • beer and wine and liquor stores
    • pharmacies and safety supply stores
  • 50 per cent capacity limits in retail outlets permitted to open for in-person shopping
  • Motor vehicle sales permitted to be open for in-person shopping by appointment only and other safety restrictions
  • Garden centres, plant nurseries permitted for curbside pick-up or delivery; indoor by appointment only
  • Outdoor markets permitted
  • Malls open, with:
    • retail outlets in malls permitted to be open for pick-up or delivery only (in-person retail shopping not permitted)
    • full access to businesses and organizations permitted to be open (for example, pharmacy, dentist)
    • food court open for take-away only
  • Requirement to maintain two metres while standing in line and flow management

Personal care services

  • Closed

Casinos, bingo halls and gaming establishments

  • Closed


  • Closed, except for:
    • drive-in cinemas
    • rehearsal or performing a recorded or broadcasted event

Performing arts facilities

  • Closed to spectators
  • Rehearsal or performing a recorded or broadcasted event permitted
  • Performers and employees must maintain two metre physical distance except for purposes of the performance
  • Singers and players of brass or wind instruments must be separated from any other performers by plexiglass or other impermeable barrier
  • Drive-in performances permitted

Amusement parks, water parks

  • Closed

Bathhouses and sex clubs

  • Closed

Boarding kennels and stables

  • Permitted to open for animal’s owner to visit the animal, assist in the care or feeding of the animal or, as applicable, ride the animal


  • Campsites must be made available only for trailers and recreational vehicles that are used by individuals who are in need of housing, or are permitted to be there by the terms of a full season contract
  • Only campsites with electricity, water service and facilities for sewage disposal may be provided for use
  • All recreational facilities in the campground and all other shared facilities in the campground, other than washrooms and showers, must be closed
  • Short-term campground rentals that were reserved on or before November 22, 2020 are permitted; no new reservations after November 22, 2020 permitted, except for individuals who are in need of housing


  • Permitted by curb-side pick-up and delivery

Driving instruction

  • In-person driving instruction not permitted
  • Virtual permitted

Household services

  • Domestic and cleaning and maintenance services permitted, including:
    • housekeepers, cooks, maids and butlers
    • personal affairs management
    • nanny services and babysitters
    • other domestic personnel
    • house cleaning
    • indoor or outdoor painting
    • pool cleaning
    • general repairs
  • Outdoor cleaning and maintenance services permitted

Horse racing

  • Training only, no races
  • No spectators

Hotels, motels

  • Permitted to operate except for any pools, fitness centres, meeting rooms and other recreational facilities that may be part of the operations of these businesses


  • Open for curbside, delivery and pick-up
  • Patrons permitted to enter libraries for contactless drop-off and pick-up, and to access computers, photocopiers, or similar services
  • May open for permitted services (for example, child care services, AA meetings)
  • No classes

Marinas, boating clubs, golf courses and driving ranges

  • Marinas and boating clubs permitted to operate for fuel supply, watercraft repair and servicing, watercraft docking and watercraft launching services for essential purposes
  • Clubhouses, restaurants, pools, meeting rooms, fitness centres or other recreational facilities on the premises closed to the public, with limited exceptions
  • Golf courses and driving ranges:
    • Outdoors permitted
    • Indoors closed
  • Indoor shooting ranges closed

Media industries

  • Film and television production, including all supporting activities such as hair, makeup and wardrobe, are permitted to open if they meet the following conditions:
    • No studio audiences may be permitted to be on the film or television set
    • The set must be configured and operated in such a way as to enable persons on the set to maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from other persons, except where necessary for the filming of the film or television production
    • Persons who provide hair or makeup services must wear appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Film and television post-production, visual effects and animation studios are permitted
  • Book and periodical production, publishing and distribution businesses are permitted
  • Interactive digital media businesses, including computer system software or application developers and publishers, and video game developers and publishers are permitted


  • Closed

Museums and other cultural amenities (for example, art galleries, science centres)

  • Closed


  • Only permitted to open if they operate as a restaurant, bar, or other food and drink establishment (take-out, drive-through and delivery service only)

Personal services

  • In-person personal services not permitted, including:
    • personal shoppers
    • party and wedding planners
    • personal organizer services
    • personal physical fitness or sports trainers
    • house sitters

Photography studios and services

  • Closed

Real estate agencies

  • Permitted to operate; property showings by appointment only

Short-term rentals

  • Existing reservations as of November 22, 2020 honoured regardless of when the rental occurs
  • No new reservations after November 22, 2020 permitted, except for individuals who are in need of housing
  • This does not apply to hotels, motels, lodges, resorts and other shared rental accommodation, including student residences

Strip clubs

  • Only permitted to open if they operate as a restaurant, bar, or other food and drink establishment (take-out, drive-through and delivery service only)

Tour and guide services

  • Closed

Animal services

  • Services that are permitted include:
    • Veterinary services and other businesses that provide for the health and welfare of animals, including farms, boarding kennels, stables, animal shelters and research facilities
    • Businesses that provide services for the training and provision of service animals
    • Businesses that provide pet services, including pet grooming services, pet sitting services, pet walking services and pet training services

Zoos and aquariums

  • Closed to the public
  • Drive-through events permitted
  • Permitted to operate for the care of animals


Comments (5)

  • Susanne Cooper November 22, 2020 08:22 PM

    thank you for the comprehensive list of facilities, services available /not available under the Toronto lockdown mandate. It was a good and understandable guide. We will comply fully because we were given a clear outline of our limitations.

  • Dianne November 22, 2020 11:46 PM

    I agree with Susanne Cooper. This was a complete and very clear list. Thank you for taking the time to post this.

  • SHARMIN YASMIN November 23, 2020 12:46 AM

    Awesome 👍

  • Deborah Brown November 23, 2020 08:22 AM

    I do not understand how a house cleaners, maids and butlers are able to come into your home if they do not live there yet your own children or grandchildren are not able to come into your home, please explain. A housekeeper, maid or butler are not an essential service in any respect. This is a service for the wealthy

    • Gary G November 27, 2020 01:31 PM

      For a few reasons…I’ll hope 1 suffices. But first, why would you think these are only services for the wealthy? What about the infirm or elderly, or some just at work and just wants the house cleaned?
      There is very little reason to be within 6 ft of a house cleaner/maid, or even in the same room. You could even leave the house if you want, if you are even home for the service. A family visit is social. Your grandchildren visiting staying upstairs while you are downstairs is highly unlikely! The government is trying to keep any part of the economy open that allows for distance. You can visit family via phone, video or outdoors. None of this is new, so why the confusion?

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