Gun control advocates making a huge mistake going after gun owners

Plus, Doug Ford devalues the meaning of higher education and "Liberal dirty tricks" in Letters To The Editor this week

Aiming at the wrong target

Re: Liberals Should Respect Their Promise To Ban Assault Weapons (NOW Online, November 1). Having never gone through what Nathalie Provost and her friends, family and fellow classmates went through, I can only imagine the horror of what happened at École Polytechnique. It should never be forgotten. There should be more effort and funding to stop physical and emotional violence against women and tackle the underlying causes of gun violence. 

The survivors and the families of the massacre have been protesting for decades about firearms. They got their way when the Firearms Act was adopted. They got their way when the Criminal Code adopted new crimes and punishments for firearms-related activities. They got their way when fully automatic firearms were prohibited. They got their way when all firearms were required to be registered. They got their way when semi-automatic “military-style” firearms were banned. But they’re making a huge mistake going after those of us who obey the laws instead of going after criminals. 

Tony Specht – From

Most Canadians don’t want to ban guns

I read your op-ed on firearms prohibition. No one in rural Canada would vote for a firearms ban. People who grow up in families that own firearms aren’t irrationally afraid of them. Rather, they enjoy sports shooting and hunting. I would also like to point out that anyone who has had a grizzly trying to get into their house while their children slept are happy to be armed. Canadians don’t want to ban guns. A few uneducated fools who think that our laws are similar to the U.S. do, which is a shame.

Peter Broswick – From

Doug Ford devalues meaning of higher education in Ontario

Doug Ford’s effort to turn Canada Christian College into a university that can grant B.A. and B.Sc. degrees will devalue the meaning of university in Ontario. It will also grant additional status to its president, Charles McVety, who has often made Islamophobic and anti-LGBTQ statements.

Among other things, I wonder if Ontario’s Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board has the ability to look into governance issues and possible nepotism in deciding whether an institution qualifies as a university. The fact that McVety’s father founded the college, that his son is the vice-president and general counsel and that his wife is the registrar at least raises the appearance of nepotism.

Bruce Couchman – Ottawa

Liberal dirty tricks versus Conservative party’s “paralysis politics”

It is unsurprising that PM Justin Trudeau would place the electoral fortunes of his Liberal government ahead of political transparency. Morality is whatever Mr. Trudeau makes it – one rule for SNC-Lavalin, another for WE Charity scandals, and another for crushing anti-corruption inquests. How ironic that Liberal House leader Pablo Rodriguez accuses Conservatives of playing “paralysis politics” when his party filibusters attempts to reopen the probes and refuses to surrender documents concerning the mothballed WE deal.

How fortunate that Mr. Trudeau has the support of the dead-in-the-water NDP to back his threats of an election. The real issue is the willingness of the PM and his party to use every dirty trick to avoid liability for their history of poor judgment.

Christopher Mansour – From

Comfort in the time of COVID

I really look forward to receiving your newsletters. Living in northwestern Ontario in 2020 is very different with the COVID-19 virus. You’ve given me much insight on how we are all coping with the changing landscapes in health, real estate, business as well as the amazing human interest stories. Thanks a lot.

Susanne WickstromFrom

Comments (5)

  • Ian Thomson November 9, 2020 08:53 AM

    SockBoy is buying votes with his Anti-Gun agenda. He has bought the UN Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030 hook line and sinker. A stupid move to strip Canada of its Core Identity, and yes we do have a Core Identity despite what Mr. Dress-up says His attack on Lawful Canadians will Not make Canadians safer. Both he and Billyclub Blair /((G-20), are fleecing ignorant Canadians.

  • john k November 9, 2020 06:51 PM

    settle down Ian, what do you need an assault rifle for? There’s no place for handguns or assault rifles in a peaceful society, I think most canadians would agree.

    • B. Scott January 1, 2021 02:45 PM

      Having served in the Canadian Forces as a combat arms officer, I’ve actually used assualt rifles (C-7 and C-8). AR-15s are not assault rifles anyone who refers to ARs as such knows little, if anything, about firearms (I include B. Blair in this group). No army would use an AR as a weapon for it’s soldiers. If they entered a battle area with ARs, two things would happen. First they’d be laughed at and second they would rapidly be eliminated (i.e. dead).

  • Frank Sterle Jr. November 10, 2020 03:26 PM

    Re: “Liberal dirty tricks versus Conservative party’s ‘paralysis politics’,” Letters

    I often wonder whether Prime Minister Trudeau, perhaps like other Western nation leaders elected to high office, naïvely
    believed he could govern in the interests of the electorate rather than mostly cater to big businesses via their heavily
    financed lobbyists?

    His scandalous, reputation-damaging efforts to have criminal charges against SNC-Lavalin Group dropped is evidence of such corporate manipulation.

    Maybe all prospective politicians should take a mandatory political science course specifically on this unfortunate reality prior to running for office.

    Lesson One: Corporate representatives actually write bills for governing representatives to vote for and have implemented, typically word for word.

  • Momsey November 27, 2020 03:16 PM

    Question to those with an Anti-gun agenda: How many injuries, murders and crimes were carried out by owners of licensed, registered, legally obtained firearms?

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